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Security is NOT Your Job

Posted by Jonathan Lampe on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 |
Security is NOT Your Job
SolarWinds recently conducted a security survey  involving more than 100 Windows administrators and other IT professionals. 

The good news?  Almost everyone (86%) we talked to said they they were personally responsible for securing IT assets.   The unexpected news?  7% said that security was their full time job.  (The bad news? 14% of the IT professionals we surveyed said security was NOT their job!) 

What this means is that most of the people responsible for keeping the network safe also have other, perhaps higher priority responsibilities.  It also means that given the same level of security, most people prefer the tools that get the most work done in the shortest amount of time. 

SolarWinds wholeheartedly agrees with this philosophy, which is why it offers several easy-to-use and affordable tools that secure your environment.   Three of them are:
  • DameWare Remote Support - Quickly and securely access Windows, Linux and Mac computers using RDP, VNC or DameWare's own single-port protocol.   Also, work collaboratively with signed on end users or remote adminstrators to work through difficult issues.
  • Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server - Effortlessly secures data in motion between your company and its partners.  Also provides employees and contractors secure access to their files from anywhere. 
  • Mobile Admin - Use your mobile device to quickly "dial in" from anywhere to check on misbehaving machines, lock out users and IPs, or shut down suspicious services.


Your Thoughts
Are you one of the many people charged with enforcing IT security without the full-time hat?  Tell us in the comments below what YOU do to protect your data, systems and people while meeting your other responsibilities.  
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