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The DameWare Mobile Gateway Server

Posted by Glenn Gray on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 |
The DameWare Mobile Gateway Server
The latest release of DameWare Remote Support includes a great new mobile application that allows sys admins to remotely control the computers on their network from an iPad or iPhone.  What’s really fantastic about this new tool is that it uses DameWare’s proprietary remote control protocol to make a remote connection.  This provides a far better experience than simple RDP clients because it allows the sys admin and end-user to both view the end-user’s screen.  It also includes a host of intuitive controls like a Windows-ready keyboard and a virtual mouse that lets you left & right click as well as drag & drop.

This new tool consists of two components:  The DameWare Mobile Client available in the iTunes App store, and the DameWare Mobile Gateway Service (DWMG).  In order to make remote connections from outside a network’s firewall, the DWMG must be installed and configured on a server in a DMZ or on a server accessible through a VPN connection. 

Installing the DameWare Mobile Gateway Service and Setting Up User Accounts

Once you have decided which server you want the DWMG to reside on, simply copy the DRS v10 installer to a logical place on the server and unzip the file.  Of the 2 files that unzip, execute the installer for the Gateway Service.  The installation procedure itself is quite simple.  It’s really just a matter of following the prompts and accepting the defaults or making minor changes such as destination folder. 

After you have completed the installation, start the DameWare Mobile GateWay Console.  You’ll see the Administration Console start.  From here, you’ll need to begin adding user accounts before making connections from iOS devices to computers on your network. 

The number of user accounts you can set up cannot exceed the number of DRS licenses you have.  Setting up users is as easy as clicking add user and filling out a form.  After you’ve configured at least one user, you should be able to connect from an iOS device.

It’s really that simple.  Now go forth and support your end-users from anywhere!
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