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End of Life (EOL) Policy Statement

DameWare is committed to providing high quality, high-tech, cost effective, and supportable remote administration software solutions to our customers.

Advancements in technology, increasing knowledge and use of remote administration applications, as well as competitive pressures compel software development companies to produce new products and solutions to address the needs of current and potential users.
As new products and solutions are developed, it is necessary to EOL older software products and the updates to those products.

To this end, DameWare has adopted the following policy for all DameWare Development software including but not limited to DameWare Remote Support, DameWare NT Utilities and DameWare Mini Remote Control:

  • Technical Support will be provided for the current (latest) version of DameWare software.
  • Technical Support will be provided for the version of DameWare software immediately preceding the current version.
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