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Windows SSH Client

Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol that allows sys admins and other IT professionals to connect remotely to computers and other devices in a secure and safe manner. An SSH connection can be made on an insecure network, which is why it is ideal for establishing secure connections over the Internet. Although UNIX®-like operating systems have built-in secure shell clients, Windows® operating systems usually don’t. For this reason, it’s necessary to download and install a separate secure shell client. With a secure shell client, it’s easy to establish an SSH connection to remote computers and other devices.

What is an SSH Client?

A secure shell client is a program that allows users to make secure connections to computers and other devices. Basic secure shell clients have very simple interfaces that closely resemble the command prompt used in DOS. In other words, they aren’t exactly intuitive or easy to use, and they generally lack extra features. However, talented sys admins and other IT professionals generally appreciate the simple, straightforward design of this type of client.

Although the simple interface of a standard secure shell client serves its purpose well, it has limitations in today’s fast-paced world. The increased use of virtualized environments is, at the same time, decreasing the amount of work needed to bring a server online and increasing the number of servers that individual sys admins manage. Secure shell connections, which allow IT professionals to connect to client’ machines remotely and securely, are increasingly ubiquitous. It’s not unusual for a sys admin to juggle several SSH connections at one time. For that reason, the basic interfaces of today’s standard secure shell clients aren’t enough. It comes as no surprise that alternative options have been developed.

How Does an SSH Client Work?

Secure shell clients work by allowing users to establish connections to remote machines via the secure shell protocol. Without using this software, it would be impossible for a sys admin to use SSH to connect to a computer or other device safely, securely, and remotely. Once the client is installed and launched, the user enters the IP address of the device to which he or she wants to connect. On Windows computers, it’s usually necessary to enter log-in credentials in order to establish a secure connection. These connections are typically made using TCP port 22, but another port can be used to enhance security even more.

Secure shell clients operate using LAN or WAN connections. Although these clients are primarily used to establish connections with the SSH protocol, they often include other protocols as well. In some instances, it may be necessary to use the Telnet or rlogin protocol, so it’s not unusual for these and other protocols to be bundled onto a secure shell client as well. However, Telnet, rlogin, and other SSH predecessors don’t offer the first-rate security and encryption features that are offered by the SSH protocol, so they are normally only used over secure LAN connections.

What is an SSH Client Used For?

Today, secure shell clients are primarily used by sys admins and other IT professionals who need to access computers and other devices remotely. After establishing a connection with a secure shell client, a user can execute commands over the command line interface. This is significant because it means that an IT professional can troubleshoot and perform a variety of tasks from a remote location. With an SSH connection, it is often possible to diagnose a connectivity issue or other problem and take the appropriate corrective measures without having to travel to a client’s location.

Cloud computing and virtualization have made the demand for secure shell connections stronger than ever. It’s not surprising that secure shell clients are in high demand. As more businesses move to the cloud, fewer companies need full-fledged IT departments. That doesn’t mean that IT professionals are out of work. It just means that they are just increasingly doing the majority of their work remotely through secure shell clients and other remote control tools. When a user or server experiences a connection problem or other issue, a sys admin—who may be located in another city, state or country—can use a secure shell client to resolve the problem remotely.

DameWare® SSH Client for Windows

As demand for secure shell clients has increased, the drawbacks of standard secure shell clients have been thrown into the spotlight. Busy sys admins and other IT professionals often need to establish several SSH connections at one time. The typical secure shell client has a very simple interface that only allows a single connection at a time. In order to handle several connections at once, an IT professional must switch between several windows, which can be confusing and inefficient. The DameWare development team has created a secure shell client for Windows that addresses these and other issues to make SSH connections easier and more productive than ever.

Unlike standard secure shell clients, the DameWare client has a tabbed interface that eliminates the need to switch between several windows when multiple connections are in progress. The interface looks a lot like the interface of a standard Internet browser with tabbed browsing. IT professionals can click from one tab to the next to check on different secure shell connections and to perform a variety of tasks. The credentials management feature is another perk. It allows users to save their favorite sessions in order to connect to them quickly and easily later—yet another way this cleverly designed SSH client saves sys admins time.

Download Today

If you’re tired of dealing with the basic, unintuitive design of a standard secure shell client, download the DameWare SSH Client for Windows today. It is completely free and only takes a few minutes to get started. Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll never go back to using a standard secure shell client again. From reconnecting to popular sessions with ease to clicking between multiple connections quickly, there is no better way to take advantage of the SSH protocol.

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