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In a world that is increasingly dominated by cloud computing and virtualization, it’s critical to have the ability to connect remotely to computers and other devices. Connectivity isn't the only important thing; security is crucial, too. Sys admins and other IT professionals overwhelmingly prefer the secure shell (SSH) protocol for connecting to remote devices safely and securely. To make the most of SSH, it pays to use the right client. Different SSH clients are compatible with different operating systems. Now that Windows® 7 has surpassed Windows XP as the most popular operating system in the business world, it makes sense to use an SSH client for Windows 7.

What is SSH?

For a long time, the Telnet protocol was the most convenient and popular way to connect to remote computers and other devices. It came with one glaring drawback: passwords were sent as plain text files. In other words, security was sorely lacking. This became an even bigger issue with the skyrocketing popularity of the Internet. Suddenly, online security became a pressing issue, and Telnet’s main drawback forced people to look for secure alternatives. As a result, the secure shell protocol was developed and it has remained the preferred way to connect remotely to computers ever since.

Cloud computing and virtualization are now widely used in the world of business. Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to cut overhead and maintain the healthiest bottom lines possible. A huge reason for the popularity of cloud computing is the fact that it largely eliminates the need to keep IT personnel on staff. With SSH, sys admins and other IT professionals can connect to a company’s computers, servers, and other devices remotely while maintaining an exceptional level of security. A considerable percentage of those computers and devices run on Windows 7.

What is SSH Used For?

SSH is overwhelmingly used to connect remotely to computers and other devices in order to resolve connectivity issues. By running an SSH client for Windows 7, a sys admin can troubleshoot various issues and diagnose connectivity problems. From a remote location, an IT professional can securely take measures to remedy problems. This technology largely eliminates the need for IT personnel to visit clients' locations and data centers, which helps to keep costs low and allows IT professionals to tackle a larger number of projects in a shorter period of time.

Although SSH is primarily used to resolve connectivity issues remotely, it can also be used for tunneling, creating X11 connections, and forwarding TCP ports. Files can also be transferred through SSH. This can either be accomplished through a secure copy protocol (SCP) or SSH file transfer (SFTP). Through SSH for Windows 7, a sys admin can establish a secure connection and use the command line interface to execute a variety of commands. TCP port 22 is the default port for establishing this type of connection, but IT professionals often switch to a non-standard port for enhanced security.

Why is SSH for Windows 7 Important?

For a long time, Windows XP was the most popular operating system in the business world. As a result, SSH clients that were compatible with XP were widely available. Windows 7 recently surpassed Windows XP as the most widely used operating system in the world. With that in mind, it is smart to use an SSH client that is compatible with Windows 7. Although Windows 7 only recently became the preferred operating system among businesses, it makes sense to use an SSH client that will function properly with it. As time goes by, Windows 7 will only become more popular.

With SSH for Windows 7, an IT professional will be able to connect with ease to the vast majority of business computers and devices. If an outdated SSH client is used, its functionality might be limited. It makes no sense to rely on an SSH client that won’t work with the majority of business computers, especially as cloud computing and virtualization technologies become more widely used. IT professionals who are currently relying on older SSH clients should consider making the switch to updated options. Many SSH clients that are compatible with older operating systems don’t have very streamlined or user-friendly interfaces.

DameWare® SSH Client for Windows

While making the switch to SSH for Windows 7, IT professionals might as well upgrade to a client that has more to offer. DameWare now offers a robust SSH client for Windows. In addition to working with Windows 7, this SSH client is designed with today's busiest sys admins in mind. One of its most compelling features is its tabbed interface. In one window, an IT professional can switch between several sessions. By clicking from one tab to the next, it’s possible to monitor and work on multiple secure SSH connections.

Another compelling advantage of this SSH client is that it offers a handy credentials management feature. With this feature, IT professionals can save their favorite sessions for easy access later. When connecting to a saved device or IP address in the future, there is no need to reenter the necessary credentials. This is another way in which DameWare saves time and boosts productivity.

The DameWare SSH Client for Windows can be downloaded for free. So, IT professionals can take advantage of its unique and time-saving features immediately after it is downloaded and installed.

Download Today

If you would like to upgrade to a user-friendly SSH client that is also compatible with Windows 7, download the DameWare SSH Client for Windows today. With its tabbed interface, you will no longer need to click between several windows in order to monitor and work on secure shell sessions. By saving the connections that you make frequently, you won't have to waste valuable time entering your credentials again and again. Now that Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the business world, it is critical to use an SSH client that is compatible with it. Make the switch now and increase your productivity with the DameWare SSH Client for Windows.

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