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SSH for Windows

Secure shell (SSH) clients are usually included with UNIX®-like operating systems. Sys admins and other IT professionals who want to connect remotely to computers and other devices with the SSH protocol can do so without having to download separate programs. Windows® is different, however. Despite being the most widely used operating system in the business world, it does not include a built-in SSH client. As a result, it's necessary to download and install one in order to establish secure SSH connections. Fortunately, this isn't difficult to do. The trickiest part is choosing the right SSH client.

What is SSH?

The easiest way to explain SSH is by considering the popularity of cloud computing and virtualization technologies. Companies are turning to the cloud and virtualization in droves to cut costs and simplify the management and maintenance of their computer resources. As a result, it’s more important than ever for IT professionals to be able to establish remote connections to Linux® and other Windows-based servers and devices. Unlike Telnet, which was a predecessor to the secure shell protocol, SSH encrypts passwords and other sensitive information. As a result, it is much more secure, and it is the preferred way to establish secure online connections between servers, computers, and other devices.

When an SSH connection is established, public key cryptography is used to ensure that sensitive information isn’t sent out to the world at large. Without SSH, it would be extremely difficult for IT professionals to safely and securely resolve connectivity issues and other problems from remote locations. Windows has been the operating system of choice for businesses for years, and Windows 7 recently surged ahead of Windows XP to become the most popular operating system in the world of business. As a result, it’s important for IT professionals to be able to use SSH for Windows 7.

What is SSH Used For?

Today, SSH is mostly used to resolve connectivity issues on remote computers. Without having the ability to connect remotely and securely to Windows PCs, IT professionals would have to come out to client’s locations. This would dramatically reduce the affordability and effectiveness of cloud computing.

It’s natural and understandable for a company to be concerned about computer security. No business wants its confidential information floating around in the world. By using SSH for Windows 7, IT professionals can provide safe, secure troubleshooting and maintenance from afar. Clients can rest assured that their information is not being compromised in any way. Public and private keys are stored locally on computers. This adds an extra layer of security. In other words, hackers would have to somehow gain access to these keys before they could even attempt to access the information that is sent during an SSH connection.

Why is SSH Important for Windows?

A large percentage of IT professional’s business comes from companies that use cloud computing. Because Windows is the most popular operating system in the business world, it stands to reason that sys admins and other IT professionals should have access to SSH clients that are compatible with it.

Like any business, an IT company needs to be able to handle the needs of the widest array of clients possible. It doesn’t make sense for an IT company to use an SSH client that only works with older operating systems. At the same time, it’s too restrictive to strictly use a client that works with the most modern operating systems. For best results, sys admins should use SSH clients that work with the latest Windows operating systems and older operating systems as well. This will provide the greatest flexibility and will allow IT professionals to handle the needs of a wider range of clients.

DameWare® SSH Client for Windows

When it comes to choosing an SSH client, today’s IT professionals have plenty of options. However, it pays to do plenty of research before choosing one option over another. In addition to selecting an SSH client that works with Windows 7 and other Windows operating systems, it’s smart to choose one that offers other important features as well. DameWare now offers a free SSH client for Windows with important time-saving features included. With this SSH client, users can save their credentials to quickly and easily make connections in the future. The credentials management feature is a major advantage for any busy sys admin.

In addition to allowing users to quickly reestablish connections that they have made in the past, this SSH client offers a convenient tabbed interface. The main benefit of this design is that it allows a user to switch between several open connections without having to move between different windows. The interface works a lot like the tabbed designs of today’s most popular Internet browsers. In addition to that, this client offers SSH for Windows 7, so users can establish safe and secure connections with Linux and other Windows servers and devices with ease.

Download Now

DameWare is available as a free download. If you’d like to be able to make SSH connections with Windows-based servers and other devices, DameWare offers one of the best free options. In addition to working with Windows 7, which is the most popular operating system in the business world, this SSH client boasts a tabbed interface that makes it a breeze to manage several connections at once. DameWare’s credentials management feature can increase productivity and save time. As an IT professional, your time is valuable. To get the most out of it, download the DameWare SSH Client for Windows now.

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