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SSH Program

The secure shell (SSH) protocol is a reliable, safe way to connect remotely to servers, computers, and other devices. Sys admins and other IT professionals rely on SSH to manage computers and other devices from remote locations. Although it is primarily used to resolve connectivity issues, SSH can be used in a variety of other ways. To make this type of connection, a reliable SSH program or client is needed. Once an SSH program has been downloaded and installed, a user can enter the IP address of the machine to which he/she wants to connect and go from there.

What is an SSH Program?

SSH programs, which are also known as SSH clients, are what make SSH connections possible. Users can download SSH clients from the Internet and install them in minutes. UNIX®-like operating systems usually have these programs built-in, but Windows® operating systems do not. As a result, there are many SSH clients available for Windows-based computers. A standard SSH program has an interface that looks a lot like the DOS command prompt. Once a connection has been established through this type of program, sys admins and other users can execute commands as needed.

To a casual computer user, the typical SSH client might look confusing. To IT professionals, however, this type of client is easy to use. The basic design that had endured for so many years is falling out of favor. This is primarily because so many companies are turning to cloud computing and virtualization technologies which have greatly increased the number of servers that sys admins must manage. As a result, the demand for remote IT support is higher than ever. In turn, IT professionals often have to juggle a variety of connections at one time. The standard design of an SSH program is very limited.

How Does an SSH Program Work?

SSH clients work by establishing secure shell connections between two devices. After downloading and installing an SSH client, the user enters the IP address of the device to which she or he would like to connect. If connecting to a Windows-based machine, various other credentials may need to be entered. Once a connection is established, a sys admin or other IT professional can execute a variety of commands from a remote location. This is primarily done to resolve connectivity issues, but SSH connections can be used to handle other tasks as well.

In order to work, an SSH program needs a WAN or LAN connection. Today's most popular SSH programs are often bundled with rlogin and Telnet functionality as well. It should be noted that SSH was primarily developed to address various security shortcomings in the Telnet and rlogin protocols. For example, Telnet sends log-in information as plain text files. These files can be intercepted over the Internet with ease. As the Internet became more popular (and more vulnerable), a more secure option was needed, and SSH was born. Businesses who use cloud computing can breathe easily in the knowledge that SSH connections are safe and secure.

Why Use an SSH Program Used?

When most people think of secure shell programs, they think of IT professionals working remotely to repair connectivity problems and other issues. Indeed, that is the main reason that SSH connections are established. However, they can be used for much more than that.

An SSH client can be used for tunneling, to create X11 connections, and to forward TCP ports. This type of program can also be used to transfer files from one location to another. This may be done with an SSH file transfer (SFTP) protocol. The secure copy protocol can also be used.

Now that cloud computing and virtualization have become widely used in the world of business, SSH is now more popular than ever. The right SSH program allows IT professionals to connect to client’s computers from remote locations. A big selling point of cloud computing is largely eliminating the need to keep IT personnel on hand. A well-designed SSH program makes it possible for sys admins and other professionals to handle a variety of maintenance and repair functions from afar. Without SSH, it would be much more difficult to handle these tasks in a safe and secure manner.

DameWare® SSH Client for Windows

Due to the popularity of the secure shell protocol and the fact that it isn’t automatically included with Windows, many SSH clients have been developed through the years. It pays to do plenty of research when selecting an SSH program. Many of them have outdated interfaces that don’t work well with today’s fast-paced cloud computing environment.

DameWare is a big exception. This SSH program was developed with modern IT needs in mind. For example, it features a uniquely tabbed interface that allows IT professionals to toggle from one connection to the next with ease.

The tabbed interface of the DameWare SSH client for Windows is a major breakthrough. Sys admins and other IT professionals no longer need to click from one window to the next, which is inefficient and confusing. They can keep track of multiple SSH sessions from a single window. Another exciting feature of this SSH program is its credentials management capability, which allows users to save their favorite sessions for easy access later. When a saved connection is selected, it is established quickly, and there’s no need to reenter credentials. This feature can save a busy sys admin a considerable amount of time in the course of a typical day.

Download Today

You can take your pick from several secure shell programs. If you’d like to use one that is designed to address today’s most pressing information technology needs, the DameWare SSH Client for Windows is right for you. You can download this SSH client for free. After downloading it, setting it up couldn’t be easier. Within a few minutes, you will be able to take advantage of all of its exciting features and benefits. You’ll quickly see why so many IT professionals have made the switch already. Download DameWare SSH Client for Windows now to experience its benefits for yourself.

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