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DameWare SSH Client for Windows: SSH – Enabled Telnet Client

The Telnet network protocol was developed in the 1960s. At the time, it was primarily used by universities and other institutions, and security wasn't a big concern. Although Telnet has since been largely overshadowed by more secure options like secure shell (SSH), it continues to be useful in certain situations. Busy sys admins and other IT professionals are wise to use Telnet clients that allow them to make Telnet connection and SSH connections. With Telnet clients, IT professionals can connect remotely to computers to perform a variety of tasks.

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As an IT professional, your time is valuable. You can make the most of it by using the right Telnet or SSH client. The DameWare SSH Client for Windows offers many of the features of paid SSH and Telnet clients, but for free. Download your free copy of the DameWare SSH Client for Windows today and start taking advantage of its rich feature-set.

What is a Telnet Client?

A Telnet client is software that allows users to make Telnet connections to computers and other remote devices. Traditionally, this type of client has a very simple interface that closely resembles a standard DOS command prompt. This type of client can generally be used on just about any computer platform, so it is very versatile and useful. However, Telnet connections have many drawbacks. Most notably, they are not encrypted. Passwords and other data can be easily accessed by outsiders. For this reason, many IT professionals prefer to use SSH, which is a secure protocol that is often included on today's Telnet clients.

Although it may be called a Telnet client, this software can generally be used to establish SSH connections. However, it also offers the ability to establish Telnet connections, which may still be necessary in certain situations. SSH was developed in the mid-1990s, which is when the Internet exploded in popularity. At that point, it became crucial to have the ability to establish secure remote connections. SSH quickly became the preferred option.

How Does a Telnet Client Work?

Telnet clients work by creating connections over WAN or LAN networks. They allow IT professionals to establish connections with computers and other remote devices. When you consider the increasing ubiquity of cloud computing, it's easy to see why there is such high demand for this type of software. Some of the best clients support more than one protocol. IT professionals' clients often have many different needs, so it's useful to have a client that offers support for both Telnet and SSH. At the same time, it's essential to establish secure connections at all times.

Because Telnet doesn't use reliable encryption, it is not recommended for use over the Internet. Passwords and other forms of data can be intercepted with ease. SSH, on the other hand, uses public key authentication and top-notch encryption. Before a connection is established, these protocols confirm the identities of remote computers. This helps to eliminate the risk of being hacked. IT professionals need to keep security in mind at all time, and their clients generally demand it as well. Therefore, it's important to choose a Telnet client that makes it easy to establish safe, secure connections.

What is a Telnet Client Used For?

The top advantage of a Telnet client is that it allows IT professionals to work on remote computers as if they are sitting right in front of them. This is generally done through a command-line interface. In fact, the interface hasn't changed much in the many years that this protocol has been used. As simple as it may be, it is extremely effective. This type of connection allows IT professionals to perform many different tasks from remote locations. As a result, the right Telnet client makes it possible for a busy IT professional to be more productive.

Without having access to a reliable Telnet or SSH client, an IT professional would have to travel to clients' locations to perform even the most basic tasks. This would obviously reduce such specialists' productivity and have a very negative impact on customer service too. Therefore, Telnet and SSH clients are absolutely vital. They can be used to perform a variety of tasks. A few examples include forwarding TCP ports, tunneling, and establishing X11 connections. These clients can also be used to transfer files. Popular options include secure copy, or SCP, and SSH file transfer, or SFTP.

DameWare® SSH Client for Windows®

The DameWare SSH Client for Windows is a leading example of high-quality remote support software. It is completely free, and it goes far beyond the basic features that are included on standard Telnet and SSH clients. If you are still using a basic Telnet or SSH client, it's time you made the switch. The DameWare SSH program can enhance your productivity considerably. Because it is totally free, there's no reason not to give it a try. Until you do, you won't understand just how useful it can be.

Many exciting features are included on the DameWare SSH Client. You'll appreciate its tabbed interface, which works similarly to today's most popular Internet browsers. This design allows you to have multiple sessions open and active in a single window. You no longer have to switch between several different windows. Another great perk is the credentials management feature, which allows you to establish quick connections. You don't have to enter the same credentials again and again. You can also save your favorite sessions for easy access later. This comes in handy when you have to connect remotely to the same clients on a regular basis.

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