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Licensing and Pricing for DameWare Central Server with DameWare Remote Support

The DameWare Central Server is included in every purchase of DameWare Remote Support. The components included in the DameWare Central Server can be deployed if your organization requires centralized management or secure connections to computers outside of the firewall.


DameWare Remote Support is licensed per user, not per computer, with no additional fees for client agents installed by the program. The number of licenses required must correspond with the actual number of people that use the software. For example, if there are 10 technicians that will be running the software and connecting to 10,000 remote machines, a 10-user license is required.

Each user license allows for three separate installations (for example: desktop, laptop, and home computer). A user installing in three separate locations will still be covered under the license provided that they are the only person running the software on those additional machines.

New License Prices

The cost per technician decreases as quantity increases. You can easily determine the pricing for a license by using the table below to find the per technician cost.

Number of Technicians End User Remote Machines Price per Technician License* Total Price of Licenses
1 Unlimited $365.00 $365
2 to 3 Unlimited $357.00 $714 - $1071
4 to 5 Unlimited $347.00 $1388 - $1735
6 to 9 Unlimited $331.00 $1986 - $2979
10 to 14 Unlimited $315.00 $3150 - $4410
15 or more Unlimited $284.00 $4260 and up
*Each technician license may be used on up to 3 computers so long as it is used by the same person

To illustrate the pricing model, please see a few examples below:

  • 15 Technicians = 15 x $284.00 = $4,260.00
  • 47 Technicians = 47 x $284.00 = $13,348.00

Version Upgrades

If you purchased DameWare NT Utilities before December 15, 2011, you were not able to purchase maintenance with your license. To upgrade to the current version of DameWare NT Utilities which is named DameWare Remote Support, for a limited time you can purchase a Version Upgrade license at a 20% discount to the New License price. As part of your purchase, you will receive 12 months of maintenance, which will entitle you to technical support as well as to receive both minor and major new versions of the software, if and when available, as long as your maintenance agreement is active.

To purchase a Version Upgrade license online, please log in to the Customer Portal where you should:

  • Click on the License Number of the license you wish to upgrade; and then
  • Click the Purchase Upgrade button on the bottom of the following page

Alternatively, or for help with other questions, contact

If you purchased DameWare NT Utilities on or after December 15, 2011, twelve months of maintenance were included with your purchase, and so you may be eligible for a version upgrade at no charge. Please log in to the Customer Portal to check what new versions of your license are available.

Please note the name "DameWare NT Utilities" has changes to "DameWare Remote Support." Your new DameWare Remote Support license will allow you to upgrade to the latest version.


Adding Users to Your License

You may add users to your license by purchasing a user upgrade license. At present, we do not offer this option online; please contact to learn more.

The pricing for user upgrade licenses is calculated by multiplying the number of users you are adding by the per user cost of the total number of users you wish to have. The table below lists several examples:

Current Technicians Additional Technicians Total Technicians Price per Technician Total Price of Licenses
1 2 3 2 to 3 @
$357.00 per Technicians
2 x $357.00 =
7 5 12 10 to 14 @
$315.00 per Technicians
5 x $315.00 =
20 10 30 15 or more @
$284.00 per Technicians
10 x $284.00 =

Please note that you can add technicians to your license, but you cannot remove technicians.

Other Questions

For all other questions, please contact


DameWare Remote Support

MRC is included in the more comprehensive systems administration tool, DameWare Remote Support (DRS). In addition to MRC, the DRS software package includes DameWare Mobile, Windows administration, Active Directory® management, and configuration exporting tools in one easy-to-use software console.

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