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DameWare Mini Remote Control Product Features

DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) is a proven solution that lets you remotely control servers, notebooks & laptops. With remote desktop sharing, you can control the remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it. MRC lets you remotely control Mac OS® X, Windows® and Linux® systems.

  • Remotely control the computer while sharing the desktop with the end-user.
  • Quickly connect to remote computers using a variety of connection options and privileges.
  • Support remote desktop sharing of Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux Systems
  • Take screenshots and chat with the end-user to speed up the troubleshooting process.
  • Proven solution used by thousands of IT professionals just like you
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One-click Screenshots

Take screenshots of remote computers with one click.

Take screenshots of remote computers with one click.

Remote Control Mac OS X

Remotely control computers running Mac OS X.

Remotely control computers running Mac OS X

Remote Control VNC

Connect to Mac OS X and Linux computers from the console with VNC.

Connect to Mac OS X and Linux computers from the console with VNC.

Remote Control MRC

Connect to computers with the Mini Remote Control Viewer.

Connect to computers with the Mini Remote Control Viewer.

Easy-to-Use Remote Control

Take complete command of remote computers, whether in the same building, across town, or across the world. DameWare MRC makes remote desktop sharing incredibly fast and provides the tools needed to solve your remote users’ issues quickly and easily.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Control the remote users’ computer through true remote desktop sharing without locking the end users out of their computers. Whether providing remote support or troubleshooting a remote computer, remote desktop sharing functionality gives you a virtual “standing over the shoulder” experience to provide true one-on-one support.

Access Computers with Intel® AMT using KVM

Connect to computers via remote Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) with built-in support for Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). With this feature, you can remotely control a computer regardless of the state of its operating system. Mount ISOs to boot from and change BIOS settings remotely. Reboot crashed computers and wake sleeping computers.

Built-in Chat Functionality

With the chat feature in DameWare MRC, you can chat online with your remote user as you troubleshoot or configure the remote computer. Familiar chat windows on both the remote user’s screen and yours make it easy to troubleshoot issues as you view their desktop.

One-Click Screenshots

Click just once to capture screenshots from the remote computer’s shared desktop. This feature is indispensable when working on help desk tickets or when documenting configuration settings for future reference.

Remote Access Privilege Options

Define privilege rules for access to remote computers for different user types. DameWare MRC allows you the flexibility to set permissions for access to remote computers based on roles within your organization. You can require non-administrators to receive permission from the end user before connecting to a remote computer, but allow admins to connect without permission. These rules and privileges can be defined and deployed automatically via Group Policy.

Automatically Deploy Remote Control Agents

Quickly and easily manage large numbers of remote computers with DameWare MRC. The DameWare MSI Builder allows you to create an MSI package for the installation of the MRC Client Agent Service, including any custom settings. You can then deploy the MSI package using Group Policies or any third-party software distribution package.

Support Smart Card Authentication

Highly secure environments, like the United States Federal Government, often require Smart Card authentication. DameWare MRC enables you to remotely connect to a computer and login using Smart Cards. Now you can remotely support users while maintaining the highest level of security. Learn More about Smart Card Authentication.

Agent Backward Compatibility

DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) v10 supports DameWare v7-v9 agents. With DameWare MRC v10, you can remotely control computers that have either the DameWare v7, v8, or v9 agent installed. This gives you more flexibility to control when you upgrade agents in your environment.

Learn More DameWare Remote Support

Do you want to troubleshoot and resolve problems faster? DameWare Remote Support includes all the functionality of DameWare MRC along with a variety of time saving Windows Administration features. Learn More

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