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Remote Screen Sharing

In scenarios such as remote support, remote troubleshooting, or remote help desk when the end user is present, screen sharing software allows customer support reps to troubleshoot with end-users as if they were “standing over their shoulder.”

Remote screen sharing software allows the end-user and the person providing remote support to collaborate as they troubleshoot a problem. Both the support rep and end-user see exactly the same desktop.

Providing remote assistance is a key timesaver in today’s geographically distributed workplaces, where it might not be possible to physically visit the end user at their desk. With screen sharing capabilities of DameWare Mini Remote Control, you can troubleshoot and provide assistance to users no matter where they are – around the office or around the world – without leaving your desk.


Remote Assistance Made Simple

DameWare delivers remote screen sharing with important features designed to ensure the connection fits the way you need to work.

DameWare Mini Remote Control Installs “On the Fly”: There is no need to reboot the end-point computer when you install the DameWare Mini Remote Control client agent. You can install “on the fly” and begin assisting the end user instantly.

Request Permission Before Connecting: DameWare Mini Remote Control can be configured to always request permission before connecting. Depending on your rights and the program’s settings, you may also have the choice to connect silently. However, in remote support scenarios, you will often want the end user to participate in the session (and acknowledge the connection.)

Seamless Window: DameWare Mini Remote Control provides seamless window support, so a remote administrator can run applications off a remote server or navigate a remote end user’s computer just like it was their own. With seamless window, the remote desktop looks like it is running on the local machine — providing the most “I am there” experience possible.

The Functionality You Need at Your Fingertips (or in your taskbar): Whether you are configuring software, providing remote help desk support, or simply connecting to the user’s machine for remote troubleshooting, DameWare Mini Remote Control has the features you need.

Some highlights include:

  • Screen Sharing - Support for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • File transfer – Click to transfer files between the administrator’s and the end-user’s computer.
  • Chat – New in Version 8 – DameWare MRC now includes chat functionality. Chat in real time as you work with the end user without having to use programs external to MRC.
  • Simple screenshot capture/save – No more capture, paste, and save. Now you can capture a screenshot from the remote machine and save it locally with the new screenshot functionality.

These features and many others allow you to streamline the remote support session and help you get to a resolution with all the tools you need at your fingertips.