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New Patch Management Software Features

New Features

You asked. We delivered! Our product team has been hard at work listening to user input and delivering the goods! DameWare Patch Manager is more powerful than ever. Just check out the features below.

Version History


This release of Patch Manager includes the following new features:

  • Improved installer that offers an Express option which installs both a WSUS server and an SQL Server Express instance.
  • Agents allow you to manage computers without open WMI connections or remote WMI configuration.
  • The First Time Usage Wizard guides you through deploying your first updates.
  • Updated licensing allows all updates after your 2.0 install to upgrade the license with a click of a button.
  • SolarWinds is the signed providers for the Third Party Update Catalog.
  • Manage computers running Windows 8, 8.1, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2.
  • Install Patch Manager on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2.
  • Improved error messages and handling.
  • Install Patch Manager on FIPS-enabled computers.


DameWare Patch Manager v1.8 provides the following notable enhancements. See the release notes for a comprehensive list.

  • Orion Integration. Now in your Orion console, you'll be able to view important patch management data alongside other DameWare products in the integrated Web console. You’ll be able to see information like the latest available patches, top 10 missing patches in your environment, and general health overview of your environment based on which patches have been applied.
  • Integration with System Center Configuration Manager 2012.Today, Patch Manager is integrated with System Center Configuration Manager 2007.
  • Improved Configuration. This release automatically installs WMI providers on Patch Manager servers, automatically launches wizards to setup 3rd party updating, and provides remediation suggestions for commonly encountered WSUS errors.


DameWare Patch Manager v1.7 delivers more powerful third-party patch management and scheduling and WSUS management options along with the easy setup, licensing, and deployment capabilities that you have come to expect from us.



  • Remote SQL support
  • Computer Access Management - add enabling of MSI logging

WSUS Configuration Features

  • You can now update WSUS Source and Proxy Server
  • Synchronization Settings
  • Products and Classifications
  • Configure WSUS Server Options
  • Update Files and Languages
  • Synchronization Status on Update Server View

Update Management Wizard

  • Pre-Install WOL action
  • Pre-Install Grace Period
  • Post Install Grace Period
  • Checks based on sync requested and every 5 minutes
  • The Update Management Wizard can now be stopped


  • Maintenance Windows on select computer in collection computers view
  • Maintenance Windows on Collections View
  • Create EminentWare Computer Group from SCCM Collection View selected computers


  • Added day of month with offset
  • Added Hourly
  • Added ability to save schedule to rerun later


  • Added simplified and searchable view of fields for data source with selection capability for report builder


  • Version History is now available for third-party Packages
  • Check Publication Status on 3PUP packages against WSUS/SCCM SUP servers
  • Additional fields including arrival time and last modified time in packages view


  • Management Group View
  • Routing Rules
  • Added automation servers for rule

DameWare Remote Support

MRC is included in the more comprehensive systems administration tool, DameWare Remote Support (DRS). In addition to MRC, the DRS software package includes DameWare Mobile, Windows administration, Active Directory® management, and configuration exporting tools in one easy-to-use software console.

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