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Active Directory ® Tools for Efficient and Cost-Effective Remote IT Support

IT professionals need to be able to manage Active Directory objects in order to perform their jobs effectively. In many cases, they need to do so from remote locations. Instead of keeping IT personnel on hand, many companies are opting for remote IT support, which tends to be a lot cheaper and more convenient. Active Directory tools, or AD tools, make it easy for IT professionals to manage these objects. Many of these tools come pre-loaded on the Windows® Server operating system, but it's often worth it to invest in third-party software as well.

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In addition to offering a robust array of features and tools, DRS offers a well-designed interface. The DRS console looks much like a familiar MMC interface that is packed with many of the tools that sys admins use for their day-to-day tasks. Everything is laid out right in front of you, and you can manage multiple AD domains and multiple servers and workstations from one console. When you add the special tools that are included with this software, it's easy to see why it's quickly becoming a must-have for today's busiest IT professionals. Give it a try to see why so many have already made the switch.

DameWare Remote Support, or DRS, includes some of today's most robust and useful Active Directory tools. If you'd like to see what the most innovative AD tools can do for you, you should definitely check it out. DRS makes it possible to manage multiple AD domains from a single console. You can also use its exporter tool to maintain a clean Active Directory environment, which is absolutely vital. Many additional features and benefits are available, so you can move far beyond the basic tools that are included on the Windows Server operating system.

DRS allows you to remotely control Mac OS® X, Windows, and Linux® computers, so it can be used just about any time. It also allows you to connect to multiple servers and workstations from a single console. Most IT professionals have to juggle many different tasks at once. It's a part of the job. The trick is juggling them effectively and efficiently, which isn't always easy. This software makes a huge difference in that regard. You can finally manage Active Directory objects for several workstations and servers from one location.

Managing Active Directory Objects

Today's busy IT professionals are wise to be selective about the kinds of Active Directory management tools that they use. There are certainly plenty of options out there. The right one can make a huge difference when it comes to managing Active Directory objects like organizational units, security groups, and users. Managing these objects is an important part of an IT professional's job because they have a direct impact on network security. Without managing these objects effectively, a company's IT security can be compromised.

It's easier to understand the importance of being able to manage AD objects quickly and efficiently by considering a few examples. When an employee is terminated, it's generally best to remove access to all computers and networks immediately. It's not unheard of for disgruntled former employees to log in later and wreak all kinds of havoc. With the ability to manage AD objects effectively, IT professionals can disable user accounts on demand. This also works in reverse. If an employee needs access to something, having the ability to manage AD objects with ease will ensure that he/she gains access quickly, which will keep productivity up as well.

Managing Group Policies

In addition to managing AD objects, Active Directory tools allow IT professionals to manage group policies. These policies make it easy to fine-tune a network's security settings. Things can become pretty complex when there are many end-users involved. Some users need different levels of access than others, and some computers have specialized security settings and needs. With the ability to manage group policies, which allow for the bulk enforcement of rules on networks, IT professionals can tweak the appropriate settings to ensure that all users and computers are functioning optimally.

IT professionals have to fine-tune group policies on a regular basis. For instance, certain members may require special firewall settings. Making the necessary changes is a breeze with Active Directory tools. When those settings change, IT professionals can go back in, make the necessary changes and go from there. This is the fastest and most reliable way to make changes to these settings. The right tools give IT professionals the ability to manage group policies on a granular level. Although a little extra work is required to make these minute changes, the results are well worth it in the end.

Common Active Directory Tools

You may think that you have no pressing need for special AD tools because so many such tools are included with the Windows Server OS. It's true that the Windows Server OS includes many useful tools, but there are many other options out there. By exploring the available third-party options, you're sure to find that there are even better and more useful tools available. Many IT professionals just use what they have and never look for additional features. That is a big mistake. If something will make your job easier, isn't it worth it?

The tools that are included on the Windows Server operating system allow IT professionals to perform the majority of the tasks that are required to keep Active Directory installations working properly. By exploring options from third-party developers, you can enhance your ability to maintain and troubleshoot AD installations. Many of these tools enhance your ability to manage AD objects remotely, which is a major advantage. Most IT professionals spend the majority of their time working on remote computers and servers. First-rate Active Directory software and tools allow you to make short work of such tasks.