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Active Directory® Software

To maintain exceptional network security, IT professionals generally rely on Active Directory (AD) tools that allow them to manage AD objects like organizational units, users, and security groups. All too often, IT personnel simply make do with the Active Directory tools that come with the Windows® Server operating system. While these tools offer sys admins the features needed to manage AD objects, they offer no additional functionality. There are third-party AD management programs that include tools that go above and beyond what's included on the Windows Server OS. Some of these include features that sys admins can use to complete most of their daily tasks from one console.

Try DameWare Remote Support for Reliable Active Directory Software

Basic Active Directory management tools can only take you so far. If you'd like to move beyond the basics and provide the best IT support possible, you need to make the switch to DRS today. From its streamlined, user-friendly interface to its huge array of useful tools, this program will make your job a lot easier. It's smart to stay on top of today's best tools and resources, and DRS is a prime example of what's available. Download DRS and try it free for 14 days.

The Top Tools for Managing Active Directory Objects

When it comes to managing AD objects, it helps to have the right tools at your disposal. Considering the fact that managing AD objects has a strong impact on network security, it's critical to arm yourself with the best tools possible. By trying third-party Active Directory software, you will be able to explore a broader array of options. Consolidating functions into one console, including those that come with Active Directory software, can increase productivity.

Companies often need to remove users' permissions as quickly as possible. A prime example is when an employee is terminated. A business can't risk allowing that individual to continue to have access to the network, so his or her account needs to be disabled right away. The best AD management tools can be used to handle this kind of task remotely. It doesn't matter when or where the need arises. As long as the sys admin or other IT professional has the appropriate tools, he/she will be able to make the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

Manage Group Policies

In the world of network security, group policies are very useful. They allow IT professionals to enforce rules on networks in bulk. The main reason this feature works so well is because most users in an organization need to have similar permissions. However, there is always a handful of people who need to have different types of access. Some of them need more access while others need more restricted access. Without having the ability to manage group policies on a granular level, applying these changes would be just about impossible.

The most well-designed Active Directory programs allow you to manage group policies quickly and efficiently. You can change settings for specific users from an easy-to-use interface. If one user needs to have different firewall settings than the others, for instance, you can make that happen without jumping through a lot of hoops.

Managing group policies is only one thing a sys admin does in a workday. The best Active Directory software includes a host of other features that lets sys admins perform many of the other tasks they do on a daily basis, such as remotely controlling servers and workstations and remotely administering Windows computers.

Enjoy Superior Functionality with Extra AD Tools

It's easy to assume that the tools that come with Windows Server OS are adequate. After trying the extra tools and features that are included on today's most popular third-party AD management programs, most people experience an increase in productivity. Managing AD objects while performing other daily tasks becomes much easier without having to swap between many different sys admin software tools.

As an IT professional, you need to manage AD installations on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to function properly. Something as simple as being able to manage group policies from a remote location can provide many incredible benefits. It's also nice to have a familiar interface to work with that incorporates many other features that sys admins find useful. These interfaces are designed with today's busy IT professionals in mind, so you can squeeze as much productivity out of your day as possible.

DameWare® Active Directory Software

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) provides a comprehensive set of sys admin tools that includes Active Directory Software. This program is already being used by thousands of IT professionals for a variety of different tasks.

DRS includes features that let sys admins manage multiple AD domains and AD objects like users, security groups, and OUs. It also includes features that let IT pros remotely control Windows, Linux®, and Mac OS® X computers from one console.

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