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Group Policy Management and DameWare

DameWare Remote Support includes a Group Policy Management Editor that lets you manage Group Polices from the DameWare Remote Support Console.


Group Policy Management

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) includes a Group Policy Browser and a Group Policy Editor.

  • The Group Policy Browser helps you quickly review what policies are in place on the local system, site, or domain.
  • The Group Policy Object Editor helps you manage your GPOs and Organizational Units (OUs) from multiple systems within a single centralized console. You can add, delete or edit the GPOs without remote controlling to your domain controller.

To use the Group Policy Editor ”right click” on the Active Directory site that you would like to manage and browse your GPOs. You can also edit your Domain Account and Audit Policy from the DameWare Remote Support Console.
Using the Group Policy Editor will help you save time by allowing you to edit Group Policies from a single centralized console. You no longer have to log into an end-user’s computer to add, modify, and delete Group Policies.

Controlling Mini Remote Control Settings with Group Policy

You can also use Group Policies to manage the client settings of the DameWare Client Agent. You can universally control the client agent settings for DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) by including an ADM file in your Group Policy “Administrative Templates” folder. There is a sample community-contributed template that covers most of the settings for the client agent in the forum, here.

Some helpful hints:

  • To enable the settings, you must “unfilter” them.
  • After you click on the “Administrative Templates” folder in the Group Policy editor, go into View, Filtering.
  • Then uncheck the “only show policy settings that can be fully managed” checkbox.
  • You will then be able to see the settings controlled by this template.

There are several other ADM templates you may find useful. A template built to manage the file transfer feature (and control other features) is located here.

Deploying Mini Remote Control Agents and Controlling Settings with Group Policy

Alternately, you may choose to deploy the MRC Client Agent Service via Group Policies. To do this, you may want to use the DameWare MSI Builder, which allows you to easily create a MSI package for the installation of the DameWare MRC Client Agent Service, including any custom setting. You can then deploy the MSI package using Group Policies or any third-party distribution software and it will deploy along with the preferred settings.