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Remote Administration Tools for IT Professionals

Sys admins and other busy IT professionals spend a lot of their time working on remote servers and computers. Many businesses are paring down or slowing hiring in their IT departments to take advantage of the cost savings and other benefits of cloud computing and remote administration tools. This shift means that there is a more pressing need for reliable and efficient remote administration tools than ever, and it's important to choose software that includes a robust array of tools.

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Benefits of Remote Support Tools

Today's best remote administration software includes tools that simplify the process of connecting to and managing computers and servers. These tools are usually referred to as remote administration tools or remote control tools. IT professionals rely on these tools to remotely manage servers and computers. These tools make it possible to control a server or computer as if you are sitting right in front of it, even if you are hundreds of miles away. In this way, these tools simplify IT professionals' lives and allow them to be much more productive.

Many IT professionals use remote control tools to provide support to end-users. By doing so, they are able to essentially replicate end-users' computer desktops at their locations. They can see what end-users see, which makes it a lot easier to provide effective support. In many cases, it's not necessary at all for an IT professional to speak to an end-user about a problem. These programs also allow sys admins to connect to and manage servers in data centers, which largely eliminates the need to be there in person.

Remote administration tools help control remote machines.


Handle Tasks without Full Remote Sessions


As with many types of remote support software, the only way to perform even basic, routine tasks remotely or to access remote control tools at all is by establishing a full remote session. If this only needs to be done once or twice a day, it's not a huge deal. However, most IT professionals need to do this several times a day. In that case, having to initiate new remote sessions again and again can waste quite a bit of time.

Today's best remote control software largely eliminates the need to establish full-fledged remote connections. By avoiding the need for full remote sessions, IT professionals can accomplish a lot more in the course of a day. Many basic tasks can be performed without establishing full remote sessions, such as viewing event logs, managing disks, restarting processes and services, and monitoring system performance. In addition to saving IT professionals’ time, this feature helps to prevent disruptions to end-users. When full remote sessions are needed, end-users often have to stop whatever they are doing, which can negatively affect their productivity as well.

Selecting a server from a remote administration tool.


Remotely Access Computers Regardless of Their State

End-users aren't always present when problems arise or when various tasks need to be performed. As a result, their computers are often in sleep mode or powered off entirely. Even if end-users leave their computers running, they can crash. The best remote administration tools allow IT professionals to access computers regardless of the state they are in. If a computer is crashed, powered off or in sleep mode, an IT professional can still connect to it remotely to do whatever needs to be done.

This feature is made possible through remote administration software that takes advantage of the Intel® vPro™ chipset and Active Management Technology (AMT). Many remote administration programs don't offer this feature at all, which hinders IT professionals' ability to access computers and servers in order to perform various tasks. When you think about it, it is crucial for sys admins and other professionals to be able to access computers whether they are powered on or not. Many maintenance tasks are performed when end-users aren't around, and computers often crash at inconvenient times outside of standard business hours.

DameWare® Remote Support

If you'd like to use remote administration tools that are loaded with today's best features, you should look no further than DameWare Remote Support. DameWare Remote Support is the most effective tool for remotely connecting to and managing servers and computers. It is designed with today's busy IT professionals in mind, and it addresses the most pressing needs that have developed as a result of increased telecommuting and data center usage.

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, and the majority of businesses use it. DameWare Remote Support works with Windows, as well as with computers that run Mac OS® X and Linux® operating systems.

The remote administration tools included with DameWare Remote Support make it possible to connect to and manage computers regardless of the state that they are in at the time. If a computer has crashed, IT technicians can still establish a remote connection with it. They can do the same with computers that are powered off or in sleep mode, as well as perform a variety of tasks without having to establish full remote connections. This feature alone can save huge amounts of time. DameWare Remote Support software also lets IT professionals manage multiple Active Directory® domains from one console, which creates a more streamlined experience.

Switch to DameWare Remote Administration Tools Today

For today's best remote administration tools and features, you should make the switch to DameWare Remote Administration. Whether your clients primarily use Windows®, Linux® or Mac OS X, you will be able to make the remote connections you need with the least amount of effort. With the ability to manage multiple Active Directory® domains from a single console, you will be able to provide superior support quickly and easily. DameWare is the gold standard when it comes to remote administration tools, so give DameWare a try today.