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Remote Administration Active Directory

Active Directory®, or AD, is Microsoft® software that is used by IT professionals around the world. AD technology is used in Windows® domain networks. It functions as a centralized system for network management and network security. This software is fairly ubiquitous among IT professionals, and the vast majority of them use it and rely on it on a daily basis. Today, it is more important than ever for IT professionals to be able to access Active Directory objects remotely. It comes as no surprise, then, that remote control software for AD technology is also widely used.

While everyday computer users have little knowledge of Active Directory technology, IT professionals implement it as the backbone of millions of networks, both large and small. Without it, IT professionals would have no easy way to access clients' servers, which means that providing support would be a lot more difficult. The support that is provided plays a significant role in information safety and security, so it is absolutely critical. Interestingly, many of the programs that are designed to provide remote access to this technology are not very efficient, so IT professionals' time is still often monopolized by tedious, repetitive tasks.

Remote Administration for Active Directory for IT Professionals

Remote administration software for Active Directory allows IT professionals to remotely control to servers that have been designated as domain controllers, which have the tools that are needed to manage Active Directory objects. The types of objects that may be installed on these servers include OUs, users, and security groups. With the right software, sys admins and other IT professionals can access these objects and perform a variety of important tasks.

Many IT professionals rely on remote control software to access AD groups every day. When using this software, an IT professional can connect to a domain controller and operate the desktop as if he/she is sitting behind the keyboard of the server itself. In other words, the server is replicated right on the sys admin’s computer. This makes it a lot easier to perform troubleshooting and to provide additional types of support. It largely eliminates the need for IT personnel to travel to clients' locations. With this type of software, a sys admin can see precisely what is going on, which makes it a lot easier to provide effective support.

Active Directory Remote Administration Alternatives

There are many ways for IT professionals to provide remote administration for Active Directory. However, most options aren't very efficient or effective. For example, one option is to install an Active Directory users and computers snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console. On the face of things, this seems effective enough. While IT professionals have the ability to access and manipulate AD objects from this console, it is just one more of many pieces of software that an IT pro must keep open on his or her computer every day.

One of the reasons that many Active Directory remote administration options aren't very effective is because they're not designed with modern information technology needs in mind. Today's IT professionals typically juggle several things at once. Because they generally don't need to visit clients' locations, they are able to be a lot more productive. At least, that's the case when they have the right software. Unfortunately, using something like an AD users and computers snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console isn't a very effective or efficient solution under these circumstances. This option doesn't allow IT professionals to manage several AD domains at once with ease, so it's not very practical.

Manage Multiple AD Domains from a Single Console with Remote Support

Today's best remote administration programs allow sys admins and other IT professionals to manage multiple AD domains from a single console. This is precisely what is needed to enhance productivity and to make the most of remote computing. With this option, IT pros aren't just able to access servers from remote locations; they are also able to access Active Directory objects, and they can manage several domains from one console.

The reason this feature is so useful is because the typical IT professional manages several clients' needs during the course of a single day. He also needs to be able to respond quickly when issues arise, so it is helpful to be able to connect to several domains from one console. This allows IT professionals to avoid having to reenter credentials and other information again and again, which saves a great deal of time and dramatically enhances productivity.

DameWare® Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support is the best option for Active Directory remote administration. It includes all of the features a busy IT professional needs to manage several AD domains at once. With this software, it is possible to manage AD objects on any computer on the network. As a result, sys admins and other IT professionals can manage network security and perform other tasks from remote locations in a safe and secure way.

Today's most successful IT professionals are always looking for ways to increase productivity and enhance efficiency. DameWare's remote administration for Active Directory software makes it a breeze. If you have tried other programs and been disappointed, you're not alone. Fortunately, you don't have to put up with software that doesn't meet your needs. To make the most of your career as a sys admin or other IT professional, it pays to have the right tools at your disposal. DameWare Remote Support is one program that you don't want to go without, so download it today for a free 14-day trial.

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