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Connect to remote desktops, laptops and servers to troubleshoot and solve issues.

Remote Administration Software

Today, having the ability to remotely access and control computers is more important than ever. These days, many IT professionals' workdays revolve around remotely accessing computers and performing standard computer maintenance and other tasks. This is advantageous for IT personnel because it allows them to be a lot more productive by being able to access many computers from just one location. It is beneficial for end-users too, because it reduces downtime and largely eliminates the need to troubleshoot computer problems on their own. Technology for connecting remotely to computers has existed for decades, but modern remote administration software makes it easier and more reliable than ever.

Download DameWare Remote Administration Software now

If you would like to increase your productivity and remotely access computers with ease, DameWare is the remote administration program to trust. This robust software includes features that make IT professionals' lives a lot easier. End-users also appreciate the features that are included on this well-designed software. Busy sys admins and other IT professionals usually juggle several things at once, and DRS allows them to manage multiple Active Directory domains from one console. Download and install your 14-day, fully-functional, free trial of DameWare Remote Support today.

Remote control software allows IT professionals to connect remotely to computers and work on them from afar. In other words, it is designed to allow IT personnel to handle a variety of tasks from remote locations. One of the top advantages of this kind of software is that it allows IT professionals to work on users' computers as if they were sitting right in front of them. It replicates the same screen that the end-user sees in a remote location. Instead of driving to a client's location and disrupting him/her while working, an IT professional can use remote control software to get the job done.

This type of software is most commonly used by system administrators, but it is relied on by many other IT professionals as well. It is especially popular in data centers, where sys admins spend their days handling end-users' computer-related issues. In years past, sys admins had to walk users through various troubleshooting steps to diagnose problems and develop solutions. This approach took a lot of time and wasn't very efficient. End-users usually have no need or interest to understand the problems they are experiencing, and this software shifts the work onto IT professionals' shoulders so that it can be handled more quickly and effectively.

Quick and Easy Remote Administration

Initiating a full-fledged remote control session can take a lot of time. It doesn't really make sense to go through that entire process to take care of simple tasks. The best software allows system administrators to perform many tasks remotely without having to set up full-fledged remote control sessions. In other words, they are able to focus on just the tasks that need to be performed, which improves productivity and allows them to resolve users' issues in a timely manner.

A variety of tasks can be handled with remote administration software without having to initiate full remote control sessions. Sys admins can use this feature to monitor system performance, view event logs, manage disks, and restart processes and services. In addition to saving IT professionals’ time, this feature helps to prevent disruptions to end-users. Therefore, this is a streamlined and convenient option for both parties. IT professionals who take advantage of this feature are able to accomplish a lot more in much shorter periods of time. Considering the fact that many sys admins and other IT professionals have busy workloads, this is a significant feature.

Access Computers When They aren't Being Actively Used

For a long time, computers had to be powered on and ready to go to be accessed remotely. This posed serious problems for IT professionals because their services are often needed when computers aren't functioning properly. Today's best remote administration software includes features that allow sys admins and other professionals to connect remotely to computers that aren't turned on and ready to use. This includes computers that have crashed, are powered off, or are in sleep mode. Users no longer have to be present to turn on computers for this software to work.

These features are made possible through Active Management Technology, or AMT. Today's best remote administration programs use the Intel® vPro™ chipset and AMT to perform a number of tasks remotely. For example, an IT professional can use this feature to power on, wake, or restart a computer from a remote location. From there, he/she can control the computer in order to perform various tasks. This feature comes in handy in a variety of situations. It is especially useful when a problem arises at an empty office over the weekend or in the middle of the night.

DameWare® Remote Support

IT professionals who want to take advantage of the latest and best AMT features and remote administration technology rely on DameWare Remote Support, or DRS, which is comprehensive remote administration software. Once it is installed, this software can be used to remotely access and control Linux®, Windows® and Mac OS® X computers. Because it is compatible with today's most popular operating systems, this software is a suitable choice for busy sys admins and other IT professionals. With so many offices using cloud computing, it is very useful to have the ability to remotely access computers with many different operating systems.

DRS is loaded with a variety of useful features. It allows IT professionals to log into computers remotely and to perform various tasks on them from afar. Certain tasks like restarting processes and services and viewing event logs can be accomplished without having to initiate a full remote control session, which can save a lot of time and enhances productivity. This software also includes AMT features that make it possible to access computers even when they are powered off, in sleep mode, or in a crashed state. Multiple Active Directory® domains can be managed from a single console, which makes the process a lot more streamlined and efficient.

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