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Remote Assistance Tools

Computers are the foundation of the technological world, and most businesses and organizations would be unable to function or compete without them. Unfortunately, computers do not always work as intended and often require troubleshooting and system support. Furthermore, computer software and servers must be updated and maintained on a regular basis, requiring the attention of company IT departments and support technicians.


When company computers go down, it is always in the best interest of the business to get them running correctly as quickly as possible. Many computer users are employees with limited technical knowledge and an inability to perform maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. In the past, IT departments had to send technicians to each computer or server to perform updates and maintenance. This was not only time consuming, but the process cut into company profits by reducing the number of issues a technician could resolve. Now, remote assistance tools are available to assist in the updating and support process from a remote location. These tools are used to provide off-location support to end-users who are having difficulties with their computers.

DameWare Remote Support

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Using Remote Control Software Programs

Remote support tools include remote control software programs that allow technicians and system administrators to take over an end-user’s computer. When utilized to their full potential, these tools can provide complete remote desktop control as if the technician were in front of the end-user’s computer itself. The process is fast, simple and allows both the administrator and the end-user to view the same screen in real-time. Furthermore, chatting capabilities can be enabled to allow for direct communication throughout the support or update process.

The software allows techs to perform remote administration tasks as often as needed. Remote administration refers to tasks that a tech would normally have to take full control of a computer to perform. With modern remote assistance tools, these tasks can be performed from a software console without having to take full control of end-users' computers. For example, using DameWare® remote assistance software tools, a tech or system administrator may log into the console, select a computer on the network, and perform tasks such as restarting services or viewing event logs.

Remote Assistance for Large Networks and Organizations

Remote assistance is not a new concept, but it is constantly improving. Although some operating systems, like Windows®, are pre-equipped with remote accessibility, functionality is limited and will not provide a comprehensive support solution for large organizations or businesses with networks of hundreds or even thousands of computers. Furthermore, many businesses have multiple branches or locations with computers in the same network.

Third-party remote support tools can be used to manage large networks efficiently and with minimal cost. No longer must businesses deploy IT technicians to off-site locations to provide tech support. Instead, remote access tools allow support teams to access multiple computers running more than one operating system from the same stationary console. Not only does this save time, but it reduces costs as well.

Initiating a Remote Computer System Reboot

One of the biggest obstacles for tech support teams troubleshooting or updating computers from a remote location is initiating an end-user computer reboot. If the system administrator or technician is working from the same OS as the end-user’s computer, it may be possible to reboot the computer remotely. However, it might be necessary for IT staff to work on the computer in person to reboot computers if the two computers run on different operating systems.

Fortunately, some remote support tools include features that allow techs to reboot computers regardless of the state of the operating system. These features are called Wake-on-LAN. With Wake-on-LAN, the support administrator can turn off an end-user’s computer and subsequently send a message via the same local area connection to turn the computer back on. If a computer on the network is unattended when maintenance is initiated, Wake-on-LAN can turn it on without outside assistance.

Finding the Right Remote Assistance Software

Choosing the right remote assistance software means knowing which features are right for your business. There are several types of third-party remote administration programs available, but not all offer the comprehensive features available in DameWare Remote Support. With DameWare, you get the tools you need at a price you can afford. The program is designed and developed for small or large network support needs that can provide solutions for companies with tens or thousands of computers. Even if you have more than one operating system, DameWare can accommodate your system support needs. With the click of a button, your system administrators and technicians will be able to access every Linux, Windows, or Mac OS® X computer on your company’s network using a secure connection. DameWare allows you to support your end-users situated inside and outside the network firewall. With the help of secure Internet proxy, IT administrators can gain access to end-user systems outside the network that don’t have without VPN connectivity.

To experience the benefits of DameWare yourself and find out if the software is right for your business, download a free trial today. You can download a complete version of the software to use free for 14 days. We are confident you will be satisfied with the software’s ability to help your IT department become more efficient.