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Linux Remote Assistance & Desktop Support

Many companies have chosen the Linux® operating system to serve applications and important business systems. High-tech companies requiring the latest gadgets and companies using back-end operations alike have found Linux to be a versatile operating system that works well with many platforms.

Advantages of Linux

Though many companies prefer to use Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS® X for their desktop environments, Linux is becoming more widely-used in server environments. The primary advantage businesses have with Linux is cost. Though operating systems are not the most expensive part of a computer, they represent a large part of IT-related expenses organizations incur. Some versions of Linux are free of charge. Startup businesses in particular often choose this system, as do those with numerous workstations to outfit.

Security is another major advantage for Linux. While the other two major operating systems are known for having security flaws and other major problems, Linux is generally considered very secure. It is not known for viral infections that would cause downtime, so businesses can often avoid downtime from security breaches.

Versatility is another reason why companies choose Linux over other systems. Whether the company wants to use it for serving Web applications, database applications, or important business systems, there are programs widely available for the Linux platform.

Remote Assistance for Linux

Using a remote assistance tool like DameWare® Remote Support for Linux allows users to access systems by using another computer. Depending on what kind of remote access is used, users may be able to access the command line or the desktop as a whole. Hosts can also implement different levels of security for remote access depending on the remote user's credentials.

Using remote access requires that both computers either have access to the Internet or both be connected to a local area network where the two can communicate. The user also needs to know the IP address or the host name of the remote Linux computer, so the desktop can be accessed remotely. While it is not always necessary for computers linking on a local network, you should always secure the connection when linking over the Internet.

Through DameWare Remote Support, connections to Linux computers are made with Virtual Network Computing (VNC) directly from the software console. The Linux computer being connected to must have VNC server software installed to allow a remote connection with DameWare.

System administrators can use either the remote desktop connection through VNC or simply use the DameWare SSH Client for Windows to connect with a command prompt. Connecting through VNC requires typing the Linux computer’s host-name or IP address into either the console or the SSH client.

Remote Assistance for Linux with DameWare

As mentioned, the most common tool used to provide remote assistance to Linux computers is VNC. However, VNC by itself has limited functionality and only allows for remote control and screen sharing between techs and end-users. DameWare Remote Support is a comprehensive remote assistance tool that allows techs to use VNC directly from the software console to connect to Windows and Mac OS computers. DameWare includes other remote control tools like RDP and its own native Mini Remote Control Viewer to connect to other operating systems. This lets techs support mixed-OS environments from one console.

DameWare Remote Support also includes features that let help desk technicians take screenshots of end-users' desktops and chat with end-users while connected remotely to their computers.

Linux operating systems usually run on servers and computers that are based on Intel® architecture. Intel's vPro™ chipset comes standard on many of these computers. DameWare Remote Support system administrators can use this technology to turn on, turn off, and reboot Linux servers and workstations regardless of the state of the operating system.

Having the right remote assistance tool can save you time and money. Download a fully functional free trial of DameWare Remote Support and see for yourself the time and cost saving features built in to its easy-to-use console.

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