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Remote Assistance Mac

Microsoft® Windows® has long been the predominant operating system used around the world. However, Mac® operating systems are becoming more widely used in businesses and organizations. It is not uncommon to find both Mac and Windows operating systems in a business’ network. Mac OS® is often used in art and creative departments. This presents a challenge to help desk professionals and system administrators who are tasked with providing remote assistance in organizations with mixed-OS environments.

Importance of Remote Assistance

With the proliferation of remote assistance tools, it is easier to provide a solution to a remote user with a computer problem. Not too long ago, the only option was to call a technician to travel to the site and physically troubleshoot the computer=. Next-day or two-day solutions were considered very fast and successful.

Today, having to wait two days is considered disastrous, because computers have become such an integral part of our everyday lives. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where users need not wait too long for a solution to a technical error. With remote assistance for Mac and other operating systems available, end-users can get nearly instant support.

Remote Assistance for Mac

Remote access refers to the ability to connect to a computer and use its information without having to physically be present by that computer. In most cases, accessing a computer remotely refers to a user connecting with an internal network from an outside location, using the resources that are made available within that network. In the business world, using remote assistance software to access computers has become vital. This is especially true for businesses with employees who travel frequently.

To access a private network remotely, users require Internet access. Companies will establish a portal that permits authorized users to access servers from any computer anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to the Internet. Normally, users need to enter login credentials to make the connection, which makes it possible to monitor which resources the user is accessing.

Sales personnel and business travelers have arguably reaped the most benefits from the ability to access computers remotely. With this access, it is easy to quickly connect to a remote desktop and retrieve files as needed, manage email, and perform any other electronic function as if the user had never left the office. At the end of the day, this means that employees at home or on the road are free to increase productivity by continuing to work.

Advantages of DameWare

DameWare® Remote Support is designed for remote assistance on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux® operating systems. Microsoft Windows has its own native feature, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP),, and Mac OS is available for remote connection via Virtual Network Computing (VNC). With DameWare remote assistance software, you can resolve problems on remote Mac OS as well as Windows-based computers with its easy-to-use console.

With the DameWare software console, help desk technicians can share the screen of the end-user they are supporting. The standard kinds of support a remote technician will provide include: removing viruses and spyware, correcting 3rd party software applications, optimizing the system as a whole, and fixing issues with drivers for devices.

Imagine facing a huge problem with your computer that you cannot figure out yourself while traveling in a foreign country on business. Not so long ago, this would have spelled disaster for the business traveler. Now, with remote assistance software like DameWare Remote Support, a technician can make a remote connection and troubleshoot the problem from anywhere in the world. Remote assistance software provides a very convenient option for repairing computers remotely, and it helps improve worker productivity.

DameWare Remote Support provides a rich feature set for troubleshooting computers remotely. Help desk technicians and system administrators can use RDP, VNC, or its own native Mini Remote Control Viewer to make connections to remote computers. It also has built-in functions that let help desk technicians have chat sessions with end-users while sharing a screen, as well as take one-click screenshots that might be helpful in troubleshooting.

In addition to these features, DameWare Remote Support also lets system administrators manage multiple Active Directory® domains and perform remote administration tasks on Windows computers—like restarting services and viewing event logs. Remotely support every computer on your network, regardless of the OS, from one easy-to-use console with DameWare Remote Support. We invite you to download our fully functional free trial software and see for yourself.

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