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DameWare Remote Support

A powerful collection of SysAdmin utilities in one user-friendly interface.

DameWare Mini Remote Control

Connect to remote desktops, laptops and servers to troubleshoot and solve issues.

Remote Assistance Software

Many businesses and organizations have hundreds to thousands of computers that operate on the same network. The benefit of running computers off of the same network is being capable of accessing each individual computer for updating, troubleshooting, and general technical and user oversight at any time.

Depending on the type of operating system being used on those computers, IT departments and system administrators may be capable of taking control of or accessing network computers using built-in remote assistance. However, this type of remote support provides limited functionality and is best complemented by remote assistance programs developed by a third party developer for the specific purpose of empowering IT teams to perform faster and more efficiently.

The ultimate goal of remote assistance software is to allow techs and system administrators to provide support to end-users without having to be at the end-user’s computer in person. With the right software, techs can provide thorough support that is equivalent to the type of support a tech could provide in front of the computer himself.

Controlling Network Computers Safely and Effectively

With remote assistance, technicians and system administrators can control the computers of end-users in an instant through safe and secure connections. Some software programs implement one-click connectivity, which allows a tech or administrator to select the computer he or she wants to connect to, type in password credentials, and then click a simple connection button. Then the administrator and the end-user can each view the same screen and computer processes in real-time. This capability is not possible using certain remote support software that is built into some computer operating systems, such as Microsoft® Windows OS. In the end, it is the type of connection to an end-user’s computer that will determine the features and capabilities of the support system. Using remote assistance software, techs can share desktop or laptop screens with end-users remotely to see what the users are having problems with.

Remote Administration

Remote support software provides a comprehensive toolset that allows not only for troubleshooting, but also for total system administration as well. That means techs and system administrators can use a remote support software platform to perform remote administration tasks like restarting services and viewing event logs without having to take full control of the computer. With the right software, techs and administrators can perform maintenance and updates to every computer on a network, as well as its servers. In fact, some forms of software even allow technicians to connect to more than one type of operating system. With DameWare®, for example, techs can remotely control Mac OS® X computers, Linux® computers, and of course, all remote desktop protocol (RDP)-enabled Windows® operating systems.


Because techs and system administrators use remote support software to take control of end-users' computers to resolve problems from remote locations, it makes sense that the software they use should be capable of supporting thorough user and technician communication throughout the support process. Being able to chat with the end-users allows technicians to better understand the types of problems a computer is demonstrating and also ask questions throughout the support process. Often, users learn simple methods for resolving common problems themselves all by watching the troubleshooting process take place.

Although chat or communication support seems like a necessary component, not all types of remote assistance tools provide this kind of accessibility between users and techs. Only some forms of remote assistance software gives technicians the ability to communicate with end-users while sharing screens through chat sessions. Other types of more limited support connections limit one or both of these features. For example, RDP is Microsoft’s remote assistance connection that is built into every Windows OS since Windows XP. Although RDP allows for detailed remote desktop viewing and control capabilities, it does not support shared sessions between a computer user and a technician.

Choosing a Remote Support Program

IT teams, technicians and business owners around the world use remote support software to manage the computers and servers on their networks. Many of those businesses and organizations have turned to DameWare for their support needs thanks to DameWare’s all-inclusive toolset and capabilities. DameWare provides techs with a simple user interface that is compatible with all supported computer operating systems within a network. That means that the tech can move between Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows computers seamlessly with the click of a button. Furthermore, DameWare has the capacity to support thousands of end-user computers from a single console. Because it is not priced according to the number of supported computers but instead according to the number of administrators using the software, DameWare is a highly affordable remote support solution for large businesses and organizations.

To experience the benefits of DameWare for yourself, simply download the software for free. You will receive a fully functional version of DameWare to use for two weeks. You are under no obligation to purchase the software at the end of your free trial, but we are confident that you will be more than pleased with its ease of use and ample tech support and administrative features.

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