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Remote Assistance Windows 7

In 2009, Microsoft® released Windows 7 as a replacement for Windows Vista®. The Windows 7 release came only three years after the release of Vista and was expedited due to poor reviews and a lack of consumer interest in the Vista OS. This enhanced version of Windows® was designed for compatibility and a better user experience, which is why Windows 7 recently surpassed Windows XP to become the most widely used operating system in businesses and other organizations around the world.

Employees and business owners appreciate the faster boot-up process, support for virtual hard disks, and the system’s advanced handwriting recognition features. Because Windows 7 has such a strong presence in businesses running large networks, it is imperative that IT support teams have access to remote assistance tools that are compatible with the current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. With remote assistance tools, technicians can expand beyond the remote support boundaries of Windows 7 in favor of much more comprehensive support capabilities.

Providing Remote Assistance for Windows 7 Computers

The growing presence of the Windows 7 OS has IT departments and help desks busy staying on top of support and update needs. It is impossible to predict when a computer will experience difficulties that require professional troubleshooting. In fact, providing assistance to telecommuting employees, traveling employees, and employees in remote office spaces presents a challenge to help desk techs who may work from stationary offices. Rather than travel to other office branches or server storage spaces, techs benefit from the ability to connect to any computer on the network from a single console. With the right remote support tools for Windows 7, techs become capable of providing the same instant support for employees who are traveling as is available for those who are in the same office space as the IT department itself. That means that employees are free to travel to conferences, client meetings, and on other business trips without fear of technical difficulties during the trip. A simple call to tech support from anywhere in the world can have the tech connected to the computer in seconds, working to resolve issues from a remote location.

Using RDP to Remotely Control Windows 7 Computers

In the 1990s when computers were becoming a larger part of the business landscape, Microsoft realized the need for remote support capabilities for computers that were a part of large networks. Businesses were expanding to include larger tech support departments in an effort to keep thousands of computers running smoothly and consistently updated. By utilizing remote assistance tools, techs are capable of viewing desktops and performing tasks from a remote location.

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) was Microsoft’s answer for this, and it remains standard in today’s operating systems. Although Windows 7 includes RDP, it is not the most effective way for businesses and organizations to provide tech support. With RDP, techs control remote Windows 7 computers using limited features. For example, although techs are capable of viewing the end-user’s desktop, the screen is not sharable between consoles. That means that the end-user is unable to view his or her computer while the tech is connected to it using RDP. Instead, techs need a more versatile remote support tool that will allow for shared viewing, communications, and easy one-click connection assistance.

Remote Assistance Tools for Windows 7

Fortunately, RDP is not the only way by which technicians and support administrators can provide remote assistance for Windows 7 or other Windows operating systems. There are remote assistance tools available that make supporting Windows-based computers much easier. Using these tools, a technician can remotely control Windows 7 computers using RDP, virtual network computing (VNC), or by taking advantage of native remote control tools. This provides the techs several options for performing tasks in the most efficient way possible. It is also important that IT departments provide their techs with remote assistance tools that let them perform remote administration tasks on Windows 7 computers. Some of these tasks include viewing and stopping processes, updating software, remote printing, and scheduling tasks.

Selecting the Right Remote Assistance for Windows 7

Your organization needs remote support capabilities for Windows 7 beyond those of basic RDP. However, you may be unsure as to which remote assistance tools are right for your business. With DameWare®, you can support Windows 7 computers using the same support system that you use for your Linux® or Mac OS® X computers. Unlike other third-party remote assistance tools, DameWare prices software according to the number of administrators using the product rather than the number of computers being supported.

DameWare has the capacity to support thousands of computers on a single network or over the Internet, and makes it easy to connect to an end-user’s desktop by clicking a single button. If you are in the market for Windows 7 remote assistance tools, try out DameWare for free today. Simply download your free trial and use a fully-functional version for the next 14 days. You are under no obligation to purchase after your trial, but we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your tech support team’s efficiency and new potential.

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