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Remote Support Tools

Remote support tools allow help desk technicians to remotely control computers and access computer functions without having to physically be at a computer's keyboard. Remote support tools are regularly employed throughout the business world, as all organizations can reap the benefits of quickly resolving networked computer problems before they become severe.

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Benefits of Remote Support Tools

Perhaps the greatest benefit system administrators notice when using remote support tools is the ability to provide expert help without having to travel to the remote location of the computer being worked on. If you have the right tools in place to manage computers remotely, then a technician can simply use the Internet or a LAN connection to repair problems. Not only does this save on travel expenses, but it also alleviates end-user downtime, which could result in lost productivity.

Remote support software is an essential tool for organizations whose employees telecommute. With remote support tools, organizations can choose locations that are smaller and cheaper to maintain while still making sure employees can be supported for optimal productivity. Remote support tools are required to effectively support employees who telecommute.

Remote support tools help solve problems quickly.


Types of Remote Support Tools

Software that allows a single user to control a computer remotely is the most common kind of remote management tool. Some computers have these native to the system by design. The most widely used example of this type of remote support tool is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from Microsoft®. RDP is built into every Microsoft Windows® OS since XP (except for Windows 8) and is used frequently for this reason. Although it is a great tool for establishing a remote control session, RDP does have limitations which prevent it from being considered a complete remote support solution. The main limitation is that it does not allow for screen-sharing between techs and end-users. This can complicate the troubleshooting process.


Another popular remote support tool is Virtual Network Computing (VNC®). VNC, like RDP, is a remote control tool that is used by system administrators worldwide. It offers one major advantage over RDP: It allows techs and end-users to share screens. VNC can also be used on other operating systems such as Mac OS® and Linux®, whereas RDP is a Windows-only tool.

While there are several kinds of software available for remote control, some software, like DameWare® Remote Support, is specifically designed for technicians and sys admins with remote support in mind. Rather than providing simple remote control capabilities via the Internet, DameWare focuses on providing support to end-users through remote control sessions or through its remote administration features.

Selecting a server from a remote support tool.


Why Use DameWare?


DameWare Remote Support offers a complete set of support tools in its v9 software. It is designed to help technicians work faster and more efficiently. The toolset included in DameWare Remote Support provides a complete solution for help desk technicians and system administrators who provide remote assistance or support a remote server environment.


DameWare’s remote control features include three ways to make remote connections to computers. DameWare incorporates RDP, VNC, and its native Mini Remote Control tool () into its Microsoft Management Console (MMC)-style software console. Technicians can remotely access a computer while sharing the desktop with the user on the other end by using either VNC or the Mini Remote Control from the console. DameWare supports remote control sessions to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems through the software console in its remote support software.


Also included in DameWare’s remote control functions are features that allow system administrators and help desk technicians to share a screen with end-users. This is an extremely helpful feature that streamlines the support process. Techs can also open a chat session with end-users while connected to their desktops. This feature allows techs and end-users to communicate in real-time while sharing a screen. One-click screenshots are also included in the feature set of DameWare Remote Support.


In addition to its remote control features, DameWare Remote Support includes Windows remote administration functions that allow techs to troubleshoot remote computers without having to take full remote control or communicate with the end-user. Some of these troubleshooting and remote administration tasks include restarting services, killing runaway processes, viewing event logs, and managing disks.


DameWare Remote Support also includes Wake-on-LAN features that make troubleshooting computers much easier for system administrators. DameWare uses Intel® vPro™ technology which allows techs to send a signal to 'wake' the network interface card of sleeping or hibernating computers. From the DameWare Remote Support console, techs can also reboot computers that have crashed or power on computers that are turned off.


DameWare Remote Support gives system administrators the ability to manage multiple Active Directory® domains from its easy to use console. With this feature, techs can add or delete users, groups, and organizational units. Unlocking user accounts or resetting passwords is also easy to do from the console. IT techs can also manage group policies and extended attributes such as logos or photos.


We invite you to download a free trial of DameWare Remote Support today and see for yourself how this complete remote support tool can streamline your troubleshooting processes. Your download will include a fully functional version of the software that will be active for 14 days.