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DameWare Remote Support

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Connect to remote desktops, laptops and servers to troubleshoot and solve issues.

Remote Support Computers

Before remote support computer capabilities were available, the IT department was one of the busiest and most mobile departments in moderate to large businesses and organizations. In fact, many companies employed separate technicians and IT departments for each location or region in which it had a branch or division.

Computers have long dominated business infrastructure, and although they allow companies to run more efficiently, they can slow production when they experience technical difficulties. Often, the employees using company computers rely on the company IT department to provide technical support. Before remote support was available, this required the technician to troubleshoot or update the computer in person.

Fortunately, remote support has become widespread and in modern organizations, it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Remote support allows technical departments to access network desktops and laptops from a single console. In today’s businesses, technicians are now required to provide remote support for computers so organizations can minimize operating and travel costs and increase worker productivity.

Remote support can help control remote computers.

Selecting a computer from a remote support utility.

Support for End-Users from a Single Workspace

Organizations often have multiple offices or branches. For example, restaurants often have multiple franchises, and large businesses may have different locations for retail stores, server databases, customer support, and corporate headquarters. Keeping all of the computers at these locations connected in a single network is critically important to the business, but maintaining all of those computers simultaneously would be expensive without remote support.

Rather than employing technicians to maintain computers at each office, organizations and businesses can provide support to end-users at multiple offices from one location. With remote support computer capabilities, businesses can establish a single IT department with tools and software to connect to other computers in the same network. With the right support tools, techs can perform the same updates and troubleshooting that would be possible if the technician were in front of the end-user’s computer.

Tech Support for Mobile Workers & Remote Server Support

Many organizations have employees who travel frequently. Whether a business has retail buyers who visit trade shows, managers who attend leadership conferences or technicians who offer customer support, mobile workers mean mobile computers.

Laptops and other mobile network devices must remain connected to tech support even when away from the office. That means technicians must have the ability to support mobile employee computers remotely at all times. Even for businesses and organizations without mobile tech support needs, many choose to house servers in data centers separate from a corporate location or technical support center.

These server computers need regular maintenance and support in the same way desktops do. Remote server support makes it possible for technicians to keep servers updated and operational from remote locations. This minimizes server down time, which can cause problems and frustrations for customers and clients, as well as employees. Without remote support, businesses and organizations are forced to hire technical support employees for specific locations.

Remote Support Tools

Remote support is impossible without the right tools. Although some operating systems have built-in remote assistance, these programs are simply inadequate for the needs of most large businesses. In order to support network computers remotely, organizations and businesses need to provide proficient remote support tools to their IT departments. Accessibility to these tools must be simple, and the tools must be easy to use and learn.

Examples of necessary remote support tools include remote control and remote administration features. With remote control, technicians can access and take control of end-users’ computers with the click of a button. This makes it easy to troubleshoot the computer and its software. It also makes it possible to start, turn-off, and reboot the entire system.

With remote administration, system administrators can view the desktops of network computers in real time without interfering with the screen-viewing or computer processes of the end-user. This makes it easier to supervise and manage company and staff practices. The long term result is better quality control and enhancements to administrative processes.

Accessing Remote Support for Your Business

Aside from the technicians you employ, the remote support tools you choose for your business will perhaps become the most foundational aspect of your IT department. Accessing the right remote assistance tools can streamline your infrastructure, reduce travel and labor costs, and prevent excessive server and computer down-time.

DameWare® is an award-winning remote support tool used by thousands of people and businesses around the world. The software was designed specifically with large businesses and organizations in mind, and it can support thousands of computers from a single location.

DameWare is also perfectly suited to meet the remote support needs of smaller organizations. With DameWare, you can use a single console to access computer desktops and laptops that are running on multiple operating systems. That means if you have a graphic design department working on Mac® devices, customer service working from Windows®, and an accounting department that uses Linux®, your IT team can access and support all of those computers without using multiple assistance tools.

To find out how DameWare can save your IT department time and money, download a free DameWare trial today. Your version will be completely functional for 14 days so that you can explore all that DameWare has to offer. We know that you will be pleased with the features available through this innovative software.

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