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Many businesses and organizations are deploying a variety of computer operating systems across multiple departments. Although Windows® remains the dominant OS in business, other OS choices are being implemented into sectors for which they are better suited.

For example, Mac OS® computers are beginning to show up more and more in arts and creative departments, such as advertising and marketing. Mac computers and laptops were not originally developed or designed with businesses in mind, yet a growing number of businesses and organizations are using the Mac OS to a greater extent than they have before. For some businesses, that means transitioning only some company computers and departments to Macs. For others, it has included a complete computer inventory overhaul – exchanging all PCs and Windows operating systems for Macs. After all, even seasoned Windows users now have the option to run Windows OS on Mac computers.

DameWare Remote Support works on Mac, Linux and Windows computers.

Selecting a Mac OS X computer from a remote support utility.

Why Use More than One Operating System in a Business?

Mac provides a number of business computer solutions, from the highly portable iPad® to complex Mac desktops. All offer desirable features that are beneficial to innovation and resourceful company development. Some people feel that they are able to produce higher quantities of work more efficiently on a Mac computer. Furthermore, because millions of workers already use Apple® devices in their homes and day-to-day lives, many businesses feel that giving employees a choice between Windows OS and Mac OS will increase productivity and simplify on-the-job training. In fact, using Macs in business makes it easier for managers to stay connected to employees both in the office and outside of it.

Some businesses are reluctant to move to a Mac OS in one or more departments for fear of increased technical support complications. After all, Mac desktops and laptops were not originally designed for business, and Macs do not always integrate seamlessly in a Windows Active Directory® domain. That leaves technical support departments with limited options for troubleshooting networked Mac computers. Now that Apple has more of a toehold in the business environment, IT support teams and help desk technicians who are accustomed to remote troubleshooting for Windows OS must fully understand how to provide remote support for Macs as well.

Remotely Supporting Mac Systems

As with Windows computers, employees who travel frequently or are located in remote offices will require remote support for their Macs. Because Mac provides limited network troubleshooting options, businesses and technical support teams must rely on third-party remote support software to best manage network systems.

Remote support for Macs is relatively similar to remote support for Windows OS. To begin the connection process, an authorized technician simply selects the computer to connect with via an easy-to-use remote management interface. After selecting the computer, the technician must provide an access key and password before accessing the other network desktop or laptop. Once security clearance is verified, the desktop of the remote computer is prominently displayed along with several simple tool options, including a one-click screenshot tool. The tech can then troubleshoot and reboot the machine as necessary before ending the support session with a single click.

The support is of the same quality as if the technical support team were in the same room as the Mac desktop or laptop. For additional assistance, in-session chat capabilities make it easy for the technical support team to communicate with Mac users throughout the troubleshooting process.

What to Look for in Remote Support Software

There are several types of remote support software available, but few have the feature set and capabilities that DameWare® Remote Support offers. When looking for a remote control software system that can manage computers, it is important to choose a software system that can access all of your company’s computer operating systems, including Mac OS. From small businesses to large corporations, the technical support team should have easy access to both Windows and Mac desktops and laptops.

Remote support software must be capable of supporting sizeable networks with hundreds or even thousands of computers running Mac OS and other operating systems. That means that technicians at a corporate help desk can provide tech support quickly to employees around the globe. Ultimately, this will curb company troubleshooting and technical support costs, all while using remote support software over a secure connection.

Affordability is another important aspect of selecting remote support software. If the system’s licensing requirements do not scale well for organizations of all sizes, its cost-saving features will be offset by high usage costs. Business owners and support teams should select a remote support software system that is priced according to the number of administrators, rather than according to the number of computers within a particular network.

Try Free Remote Support for Mac Today

If your company or organization uses multiple operating systems, including Mac OS, imagine being capable of providing remote support using a single, simplified platform for every computer. With DameWare Remote Support software, your tech support team can provide remote technical support for users of Mac OS and other operating systems—all from a single location and without leaving their desks. Technicians can instantaneously link to network computers, regardless of how far away or what OS platform they use. This will streamline the troubleshooting process and improve overall productivity.

If your business could benefit from a simplified remote support system, sign up for your free trial of DameWare today. The trial includes a fully functional version of the software. You will have 14 days to experience the benefits of accessing your company’s Mac and Windows computers from a single console.

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