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Remote Support RDP

Since the release of Windows® XP, every version of Windows OS (with the exception of the XP Home edition and Windows 8) has included Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology. Remote desktop protocol was originally designed by Microsoft® with the intention of allowing users to operate one or more remote computers from a local computer. Since releasing RDP, Microsoft has continued to improve upon its technology and it has developed into an important remote support tool. RDP now allows remote access to a computer's printers, enhanced bitmap acceleration and RemoteFX®, which enhances the remote viewing experience.

However, despite all of its features and improvements, RDP is exclusive to Windows and it only works on Windows operating systems. Currently, Windows is the most widely used computer operating system in the world for both personal and business purposes. In fact, as of late 2010, as much as 95 percent of the world’s computers ran on the Windows OS, which equates to several hundred million systems. For the majority of those systems, RDP is available and allows techs to provide remote support through remote desktop accessibility.

Remote support connection using RDP.

Selecting a computer to access using RDP from a remote support utility.

Why RDP is Important

RDP is an important tool in remote support because it is built in to every Windows operating system from Windows XP forward, with the exception of Windows 8. RDP allows users to access the desktop, files, programs, and system applications on a remote computer.

For example, many Windows users use RDP to access a work computer from a home PC. The user can view the screen of the remote computer in real time as though using the remote computer in person. Furthermore, all work and data is stored to the remote computer, saving any changes made while away from it.

RDP has become an important part of business and organizational process for many IT professionals who need to manage, configure, troubleshoot, or perform certain processes on a remote computer.

What Remote Support RDP Lacks

Despite the benefits of RDP technology, remote support RDP does not have the features of a comprehensive remote support tool. One primary restraint of remote desktop protocol is the restrictions it places on a user’s ability to share screens with another user.

For example, an end-user who needs technical support from the IT department will be unable to view his or her computer screen during the support and troubleshooting process. This makes it difficult for the end-user to view the changes being made to the system and its applications. It also inhibits communication between the IT department and the end-user.

This occurs because a connection made via RDP either locks the original user out or starts a parallel session so that neither user can see what the other is doing. The result is often confusion and misinformation for both the end-user and the technician. It is also important to note that only Windows computers can connect to each other using remote support RDP. If one of the computers is running an alternative operating system such as a Mac OS® or Linux® OS, a remote RDP connection cannot be established.

Supplemental Support Solutions

RDP by itself is not a complete remote support solution for businesses, but it can be an important part of a larger remote support toolset. Many businesses and technical departments are turning to third-party remote administration software as a means for providing a total support solution for their businesses.

With remote support software, like that available from DameWare®, computer techs can access network computers running more than one operating system from a single console. Remote support software is specifically designed for remote administration of servers, laptops, and desktops for businesses that need more than standard RDP support capabilities.

In fact, DameWare Remote Support software is designed in such a way that allows for instant connection to end-user computers via RDP, VNC®, or its own DameWare Mini Remote Control tool. With this type of software, the user can be an instrumental part of the troubleshooting process because technicians and administrators can communicate with users throughout the connection process. Furthermore, both computer screens show the same desktop in real time, eliminating miscommunication and confusion.

Finding the Right Remote Administration Software

Although many businesses are turning to remote administration software, not all programs are created equally. Some, like Microsoft's pre-installed RDP technology, only work with one operating system. Unfortunately, that does not provide a support solution for businesses with more than one operating system.

That is why DameWare offers support for multiple operating systems with a single console. That means support staff can connect to Linux computers, Mac computers, and Windows computers all with the same easy one-click software system. If you want to help your business' IT department run more effectively and cost efficiently, choose emote support software system that not only offers comprehensive features, but is also affordable and easy to use.

Join the thousands of happy customers and download your free trial of DameWare Remote Support today. You will gain instant access to a fully-functional version of the software to try and test out for two full weeks. The software is highly secure and comes with access to technical support, customer service, and an active community forum of other DameWare users.

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