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Remote Support System

Remote support software permits a user to control a remote desktop and its contents. This allows a technician to sit at one computer while accessing and controlling another computer miles away. Remote support systems provide access to the contents of networked computers and often include features like text chat and file transfer.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), one type of remote support application, comes standard with most Windows® computers, though it is fairly limited. Mac® and Linux® computers require more robust programs like Virtual Network Computing (VNC®) for remote access and control.

Remote support system controlling an end user’s desktop.

Selecting a computer to access using a remote support system.

How Remote Support Systems Works

Remote support systems require that the client (the computer being used to make the remote connection) and the host (the computer being connected to) be connected either to the Internet or joined on a local area network (LAN). Oftentimes, clients connect to host computers from great distances using the Internet as the primary form of connection.

It is standard practice to have an advanced protocol for security, especially when connected wirelessly or through the Internet. The nature of transmitting information from one computer to another makes it susceptible to interception making robust security measures necessary.

Anyone using a remote support system, even over a LAN, should ensure the connection is securely protected by a password. It is possible to enable certain safety features as well, such as not permitting a client computer to alter or delete files without first getting permission by the remote user.

Once the administrator enters the password to access the remote computer, the software permits access and the administrator may resume work. The person on the client end may use any software that is installed on the machine and subsequently use any file on the computer.

Software maintenance is the primary reason many clients choose remote administration software. This enables an administrator to install an upgrade to a computer or shut down an application that is not functioning correctly. This cuts down on the time it would take for that individual to physically travel to a remote computer, manually enter discs or download a software upgrade on that particular computer, especially if there are several computers needing support.

In most instances, a host computer can still access all of the functions core to the computer. However, the user can also lock or disable certain devices on the host computer so that the remote computer cannot access them and interfere with what the client is doing. Additionally, some functions, such as the clipboard, can be shared with remote support software. The client administrator may even run an application for audio or video on a remote computer and see or hear the application on his own machine.

Remote Support System on Windows

DameWare® is designed for the Microsoft® Windows operating system, competing against the native RDP. The properties settings for the computer house this protocol, but it is not enabled by default. Not all versions of the Windows operating system come with RDP functionality, and DameWare’s features greatly outnumber the default professional or business version of Windows.

With the native RDP program, it is also not always possible to connect to another operating system. For example, the Windows 7 remote desktop feature cannot connect to Windows XP like DameWare can. Using the Windows emulation software on other operating system brands, DameWare can even permit connections from Windows 7 to Mac OS® X Lion or even Ubuntu® Linux® if desired.

In addition to the tools that Windows computers have as standard, DameWare Remote Support software offers a better experience for allowing users to connect to another computer remotely, no matter the distance difference between the two computers. Additionally, DameWare offers numerous remote support features like text chat and file transfer in between the two computers. In-session chatting allows users to troubleshoot through real-time Q&A while working on the machine at the same time.

Remote Support System on Mac and Linux

Though not a native function, DameWare does run on Mac and Linux operating systems when emulating Windows. Apple® offers its own downloadable software in order to accommodate remote connections, though it is not standard with Mac machines. Apple’s software does come with multiple computer management capabilities and offers numerous features that include remote restarts and upgrades. However, these features are still fairly limited compared to what DameWare offers.

DameWare Remote Support offers more features than the open-source tools that Linux computers provide, even compared to those that allow connections between Linux and Windows computers. For example, DameWare enables access to thousands of computers without having to leave your desk, saving you time by remotely accessing each of these computers and completing standard tasks.

DameWare lets technicians remotely reboot servers, copy and delete files hosted on another computer, automatically install the software on another computer as needed, manage the Active Directory®, start and stop services, completely control the other computer, chat with the other user through text, take one-click screenshots of a desktop hosted remotely as needed, clear event logs, and much more. All of these features make DameWare a truly comprehensive remote support system.

DameWare Remote Support software is even easy to afford by pricing the software per administrator rather than per computer. Why pay a fortune when you do not need to? In fact, DameWare makes it even easier by offering a free trial of the remote support system. Try the fully-functional free trial for 14 days and see the differences for yourself.

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