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VNC Windows

More and more, businesses and other organizations are using remote connection tools to support their employees. There are several reasons for the growing use of remote connections tools. Telecommuting is becoming more common, some businesses have multiple locations, and business travel continues to be important. For employees falling into any one of these categories, it is vitally important that their computers run efficiently.

It is not cost-effective to employee IT staff that can be everywhere at any time. As such, providing support to users from a central location has become the norm for IT departments and help-desks.

VNC is an important tool for those who provide remote support to end-users. VNC for Windows® is especially important because Windows is by far the most widely-used operating system in the world today, especially among businesses

What Exactly is VNC?

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a type of program that permits sharing a desktop or controlling another computer remotely. It uses RFB, or remote framebuffer, which is a simple protocol that functions on several different operating systems. Because the remote framebuffer is present on different systems, users connect with ease to different operating systems without interoperability problems.

VNC is made up of three primary components: the server, the client and the protocol. As mentioned, VNC uses the simple RFB protocol in order to connect to another computer remotely. The VNC server is the program that runs on the remote computer, and it is what allows the user to gain remote access and control. The VNC client, which is often simply known as the viewer, is the final component. This viewer is what does the controlling, the viewing and the interacting with the server.

Essentially, the viewer and the server connect to one another using the program while it is running and active. Once the client can connect to the server, then the client can remotely control the server without any problem. The individual on the client side can view the remote computer or server as if he were directly in front of it and physically using it.

The Olivetti and Oracle Research Lab is responsible for creating the original source code that made VNC possible. Fortunately, it is an openly released code, which is why there are so many VNC options for remotely connecting to other computers.

Using DameWare® and VNC in Windows and Other Operating Systems

VNC’s properties make it one of the most widely used tools for providing remote support available today. VNC software can be used by help-desk technicians to troubleshoot problems on end-users’ computers remotely. This can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to solve computer problems. Similarly, VNC is used by system administrators to manage unattended servers. An especially nice feature of VNC for system administrators is that it can be used across platforms. For example, a system administrator using a Windows workstation can use VNC to remotely control a Linux® server.

As capable as VNC is as a remote control tool, it is really only capable of controlling computers. This means that, while it is an important part of a complete remote support toolset, it is not by itself powerful enough to provide comprehensive remote support.

DameWare Remote Support builds upon VNC’s functionality and offers a more complete remote support solution. DameWare is designed to work across several operating systems and VNC is just one of the three ways a remote control session can be established from its console. In addition to VNC, DameWare lets help-desk technicians remotely control computer with RDP. RDP is Microsoft’s native remote control tool and is built-in to Windows operating systems from XP forward. RDP is an important tool in remotely controlling Windows computers, so DameWare has incorporated it into its console. DameWare also lets techs and admins remotely control computers with its own Mini Remote Control Viewer software.

Regardless of which of the three connection tools built-in to DameWare Remote Support you choose to use, you will also have additional functionality that VNC and RDP do not offer. With DameWare Remote Support, techs and end-users can communicate instantly through chat sessions while sharing a desktop. This is especially helpful for the troubleshooting process.

Other features included in DameWare Remote Support are one-click screenshots and in-session file transfers. DameWare also allows system administrators to manage Windows Active Directory® objects from the same console used to make remote control sessions.

DameWare also lets help-desk technicians and system administrators perform Windows administration tasks remotely. Rather than having to make a VNC remote control connection, techs can simply use the DameWare console to restart services, manage disks, or view event logs on remote Windows computers.

We invite you to download our free trial today. You will receive a fully functional version of the software to try free of charge for 14 days. Try DameWare today and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your network with its built-in VNC and other great features.

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