Flexible Deployment Options

  1. Dameware Remote Support (DRS) offers flexible deployment options for IT departments. Depending on your organization’s needs, the location of your end-users (inside/outside the firewall), and administrative options, you can choose to deploy DRS in one of the following modes: .

DRS Standalone Deployment

Deploying in Standalone mode is the fastest and easiest way to get DRS up and running in your environment. Over 60,000 organizations have installed Dameware products in Standalone mode and this continues to be the preferred method for many IT departments. In this deployment mode, management of DRS users and licenses is on individual technician systems (where DRS is installed) and not on a centralized administration server.

Standalone deployment of Dameware Remote Support is best suited for organizations that:

  • Have few end-users and computers to support
  • Rarely access computers outside of the firewall
  • Maintain small or decentralized IT departments

DRS Centralized Deployment

Deploying DRS in Centralized mode, which requires the installation and configuration of the Dameware Central Server, gives organizations access to additional features. IT departments should decide whether or not these features are needed before deploying DRS in Centralized mode. These features include:

Centralized deployment of Dameware Remote Support is best suited for organizations that:

  • Have large or centralized IT departments supporting multiple locations
  • Provide technical support to end-users frequently located outside the firewall
  • Have on-call rotations that require remote access from mobile devices
  • Have multiple licenses of Dameware products and need to manage them centrally

Difference between DRS Standalone and Centralized Deployment Modes

Dameware Remote Support Feature Standalone Mode Centralized Mode
Desktop Remote Control for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
Remote Windows Administration Tools
Active Directory Management Tools
Support for Intel® vPro™ AMT
The Dameware Exporter for AD Objects & Windows Configs
The Dameware Internet Proxy  
The Dameware Central Server  
The Dameware Mobile Gateway  

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