Proxy feature for remote desktop connections over the Internet

  1. When deployed in the centralized mode, Dameware Remote Support enables you to connect to computers outside the corporate network. IT pros can initiate over-the-Internet remote sessions via a secure Internet proxy.

    • Remotely support end-users located outside the firewall
    • Remotely control unattended remote computers outside the LAN
    • Benefit from secure remote connections via Internet proxy

Desktop Remote Control Over the Internet

Supporting traveling or remotely located end-users can be frustrating. This often requires lengthy phone conversations between end-users and Help Desk Pros and step-by-step instructions. Dameware Remote Support can now be deployed in Centralized Mode with the Dameware Central Server (DCS). The DCS comes with three components designed for advanced management and streamlined service and support delivery. These include:

  • The Dameware Administration Console for centralized user, license, and host list management
  • The Dameware Mobile Gateway for remote control sessions from iOS® and Android® devices
  • The Dameware Internet Proxy for secure, outside-the-firewall connections

The Dameware Internet Proxy Server provides a secure, self-hosted platform to make remote control sessions to computers outside of your firewall. This allows IT and Help Desk pros to provide technical assistance quickly and easily regardless of end-users’ location.


Remote Desktop Connection over Internet

After configuring the Dameware Internet Proxy, IT and Help Desk pros can support remote computers located anywhere in the world with the same familiar Mini Remote Control console used to support computers located inside the firewall. This gives IT pros access to the same great features regardless of who they are supporting and where the end-users are located. With the MRC Internet Session feature, IT and Help Desk pros can:

  • Remotely control Windows computers outside the corporate network
  • Chat with end-users during troubleshooting sessions
  • Lock out end-user keyboard and mouse controls while troubleshooting
  • Remotely connect to unattended computers without the end-user being present

Dameware Central Server


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