Top remote desktop tools

  • Live Chat

    Enable real-time communication with end-users without a separate program.

  • Screen Capture

    Document issues with one-click screenshots of the remote desktop.

  • Simple File Transfer

    Instantly transfer files between computers to fix problems.

  • Freeze Function

    Lock end-user keyboard and mouse to avoid unexpected errors.

  • Dynamic Cursor

    Easily distinguish between end-user and admin screen activity.

  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete Hotkey

    Quickly begin ruling out some of the most common IT problems.

  1. Live Chat

    Improve communication with end-users and enhance remote support services with the live chat tool integrated with desktop remote control in Dameware® Mini Remote Control (MRC). Real-time communication between the technician and end-user while troubleshooting helps technicians identify and fix the problems faster.

  2. Screen Capture

    Documenting issues with screenshots is an important part of the support process, but they can be tedious if there is not an efficient process in place for capturing and managing them. Take screenshots in Dameware MRC with just one click from the dashboard and save them directly to the desktop.

  3. Simple File Transfer

    Use MRC to directly access the remote computer to copy/delete files, manage folders, and add/delete network shares. See all information about the remote computer’s drives and reformat them right from the MRC console.

  4. Freeze Function

    Avoid errors by locking end-user keyboard and mouse functions during remote support sessions to help eliminate unwanted or unintended activity. With the freeze function enabled, only the admin can make changes.

  5. Dynamic Cursor

    Avoid confusion and distinguish actions during remote support sessions with MRC’s dynamic cursor tool. Highlight the cursor so both the technician and end-user can see where the cursor is at all times. When active in an admin window, the traditional arrow cursor is displayed. When active in the end-user’s window, the cursor displays as an easily distinguishable dot.

  6. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Hotkey

    With the click of a button, pass the Control-Alt-Delete keyboard combination through to the end-user’s workstation to switch to a different user, launch Task Manager to terminate an application task, or reboot an operating system. That way, you can quickly gain control of an end-user’s workstation, troubleshoot some of the most common IT issues, and get out.

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