Secure Remote Management for Multi-Platform Support

Easily establish remote connections to workstations and servers for maintenance and troubleshooting across operating systems.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows

    Designed to connect instantly and securely to Windows workstations and servers to provide support.

  • Support for Mac OS X

    Remotely connect to Mac computers with VNC Viewer to easily share screens, chat, and transfer files.

  • Support for Linux

    Connect to remote Linux computers with VNC Viewer to troubleshoot issues and provide support.

  1. Support for Microsoft Windows

    Provide fast, remote assistance to machines leveraging Windows operating system. Remote access Windows using Dameware® Mini Remote Control (MRC) to enable instant, authenticated connections to Windows workstations and servers through its MRC Viewer. Chat with the end-user, share files, take screenshots of the remote machine, and lock the remote system for complete control.

  2. Support for Mac OS X

    Access Mac systems remotely from Windows OS with the VNC Viewer in MRC’s Remote Connect dialog. See exactly what is on the end-user’s screen during a remote session and easily share screens and transfer files. Enhance the quality of support with the built-in chat messenger to communicate directly with the end-user and keep them up to date during troubleshooting sessions. Capture and print screenshots of the remote computer right from the MRC console.

  3. Remote connection for Linux

    Control and support remote Linux computers by connecting through a remote VNC server using the Remote Frame Buffer (RFB) protocol. With VNC enabled, Dameware Mini Remote Control (MRC) can connect to numerous Linux distributions, including Debian 5 and later, CentOS 5 and 6, multiple Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and later, and Fedora 15 and 16. Communicate directly with the end-user with built-in chat, share screens, take screenshots of the remote computer, and easily transfer files.

  4. Support end-users from mobile devices

    Running Dameware Remote Support (DRS) in centralized mode with the added capabilities of Dameware Central Server and Dameware Mobile Remote Desktop provides IT pros with the ability to connect to end-users from anywhere. Cut down on your response time and resolve issues on the fly with the ability to connect to end-user machines from your Android or iOS devices

  5. Support end-users inside and outside the LAN

    Provide remote support to end-users, no matter their locale, with the centralized deployment of Dameware Remote Support and the added Dameware Central Server and Dameware Internet Proxy. Initiate over-the-internet remote sessions via a secure internet proxy to support end-users and control unattended remote computers outside your network.

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