Free SSH Client for Windows

  1. This free tool is a terminal emulator that lets you make multiple telnet and SSH connections from one easy-to-use console.

    • Manage multiple sessions from one console with a tabbed interface
    • Save favorite sessions within the Windows file system
    • Access multiple sets of saved credentials for easy log-in to different devices
    • Connect to computers and devices using telnet, SSH1, and SSH2 protocols
    • Plus, it’s FREE!

The trailer was great, right ?

But now, you might have some serious questions including what features does this SSH Client offer that others don’t? Several features make this free tool easier to use than other free SSH clients.

  • Tired of a new window for each new session? A tabbed interface mimics your typical Internet browser so you can have multiple sessions open in just one window.

  • Scribbled sticky notes crowding your monitor? With saved session “favorites,” users can easily connect & reconnect to the same computers they frequently access.

  • Unable to remember yet another set of credentials? The credentials management tool lets users use one of several sets of saved credentials to make quick connections to computers.

Is a Free SSH Client Good Enough?

Sure. A free SSH client typically provides SysAdmins the basic functionality needed to make remote connections. But, they usually lack features that frequent users find useful.

The Dameware SSH client includes many of the features that paid SSH clients offer.


Its tabbed interface lets SysAdmins manage multiple sessions from one console. Plus, the ability to save several sets of credentials and commonly used connections can help maximize your precious time!

Give it a try, it’s FREE! Download the FREE Dameware SSH Client for Windows to see for yourself how the user-friendly tabbed interface makes it easy to manage multiple connections from one console.