Patch Manager

Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software security and other vulnerabilities

Starting at $525 for up to 50 nodes | Max of 100 nodes | No monthly fees


Fully functional for 30 days

Easily patch servers & 3rd party apps with Dameware Patch Manager software

  1. Centralized patching of Microsoft servers and
    third-party apps

    Dameware Patch Manager enables you to easily deploy and manage both third-party applications and Microsoft patches, from a central point of control, across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. Microsoft SCUP and complicated scripts are not required when you are using Dameware patch management software.

  1. Agentless scalable architecture

    Dameware Patch Manager offers an agentless, scalable architecture and is fast and easy to install. Patch Manager’s intelligent configuration wizard guides you step-by-step through the process of installing and preparing to patch every workstation or server in your environment. Simplify software patching with Dameware patch management software.
    • Agentless architecture speeds deployment
    • Scales to meet the needs of companies of all sizes
    • Enables patching of offline physical and virtual machines
    • Leverages your existing technology – no long learning curve
    • Simplifies patch management across your physical and virtual infrastructure

  1. Pre-built, pre-tested packages for common apps

    Dameware builds, tests and automatically delivers packages for common third-party applications which can then be quickly and easily deployed using Microsoft WSUS or Microsoft SCCM. Patch Manager’s PackageBoot™ allows you to create advanced “before and after” package deployment scenarios to ensure that even the most complicated patches (such as Oracle Java) get deployed successfully – without complicated scripting. We research, script, package, and test patches for common third-party applications so that you don’t have to.
    • Automatically delivers ready-to-deploy patches within the Patch Manager console
    • Enables you to easily automate pre- and/or post-deployment actions
    • Ensures that even the most complex patches get deployed correctly every time
    • List of Patch Manager supported third-party applications & supported versions

  1. Extend the power of Microsoft WSUS and SCCM deployments

    Dameware Patch Manager extends Microsoft WSUS to give you more control and power over the patch management process with dynamic patch management, immediate updates, scheduled reboots, easy reporting, full asset inventory, and more. It also extends your SCCM deployment with pre-built, pre-tested 3rd party updates and provides countless time-saving management features to help you get more out of your Configuration Manager investment. Plus, Patch management software provides in-depth visibility into the health and status of your endpoints throughout your environment.
    • Extend SCCM to easily patch common 3rd party applications with pre-packaged, pre-tested updates
    • Get an in-depth view of the health and status of endpoints throughout your environment

  1. Patch compliance reporting

    Dameware Patch Manager provides you with easy-to-use and powerful reporting options so you can easily determine the status of patches and demonstrate to auditors that systems are patched and compliant – or find those that are not. Dameware patch management software allows you to create patch compliance reports with an extensive collection of built-in reports, or generate your own reports with a custom report builder.
    • Provides visibility into patch status and compliance with an extensive collection of easy-to-use, built-in reports
    • Simplifies building of custom patch management reports – no Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services required

Dameware Patch Manager


Fully functional for 30 days


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