Dameware Mobile for iOS

Dameware Mobile for iOS Overview [2:04]

Dameware Remote Support

Comprehensive Remote Support Software that allows System Administrators to perform many of their daily tasks from one software console.

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Video Transcript

This is a quick overview of Dameware Mobile, a new feature included in the award-winning software, Dameware Remote Support. This innovative new tool allows you to remotely control Windows computers from an iPhone or iPad using Dameware's proprietary remote connection protocol, the mirror driver. This makes Dameware Mobile the ideal tool for your sysadmin on-call rotation because it lets you support your servers and workstations from anywhere.

Dameware Mobile consists of two elements, the Dameware Mobile Gateway service and a mobile client available in the iTunes App store. The Dameware Mobile Gateway service installs on a Windows server and manages connections from iOS devices to computers on your network. This service can be configured one of two ways: on a server placed in a DMZ or on a server inside your firewall accessible through a VPN connection.

Once the Mobile Gateway service has been installed, user accounts must be set up in the Dameware Mobile Gateway Administration Console. The number of user accounts you can create matches the number of Dameware Remote Support licenses you own.

Once you have created a user account, you can install the Dameware Mobile Client from the app store. To connect to computers on your network from the mobile client, you must first enter the gateway settings. After that, enter the details of the computer you wish to connect to. These settings can be saved in favorites, so you can quickly reconnect to frequently used computers.

The Dameware Mobile interface includes several intuitive controls. The mouse cursor lets you left and right-click. The custom keyboard gives you all the controls of a standard Windows-ready keyboard including a start button, Esc and Ctrl. There are several macros built-in to the interface as well. Send a Ctrl-Alt-Del or open a command prompt.

Don't spend your on-call rotation chained to a desk, take back your nights and weekends with Dameware Mobile. Download a free trial of Dameware Remote Support and start supporting your end-users from anywhere with Dameware Mobile.