Dameware Remote Support Overview

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Dameware Remote Support

Comprehensive Remote Support Software that allows System Administrators to perform many of their daily tasks from one software console.

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Video Transcript

Dameware Remote Support, or DRS for short, is a secure self-hosted remote support solution that lets you provide technical assistance to end-users and remotely control computers located anywhere in the world.

DRS includes a comprehensive set of systems administration tools designed to allow IT pros to perform many of their daily tasks from one easy-to-use console. Every copy of DRS includes Mini Remote Control, a robust support tool that lets you remotely control Windows , Mac OS X, and Linux computers.

With DRS, you can remotely control Windows computers with the Dameware Mini Remote Control viewer or with an RDP session. Mac OS X and Linux computers can be remotely accessed with the VNC client built into the many remote-control consoles.

Dameware Remote Support allows you to communicate with end users while remotely troubleshooting through chat sessions, as well as taking screenshots and making simple file transfers.

DRS also includes support for Intel vPro with AMT so you can remotely support computers that are powered off, in sleep or hibernation modes, or in a crashed state.

Using the powerful Dameware Remote Support toolset, you can easily perform administration tasks on any Windows workstation or server on your network. For example, you can monitor system performance and view event logs.

DRS also lets you manage multiple Active Directory sites from the console. With this feature, you can add or delete users, groups and OUs. You can also reset passwords and manage extended attributes such as photos and company logos.

Depending on your organization's needs, DRS can be deployed as a standalone solution or in a centralized mode with three additional server components.

Deploying Dameware Remote Support in centralized mode gives your organization more control and flexibility over how remote support sessions are made and who can make them.

The three server components included in DRS are the Dameware Central Server, which includes centralized user and license management, as well as shared host lists, the Dameware Internet Proxy which gives your help desk and desktop support personnel the ability to provide remote support to end users located outside of your firewall, and the Dameware Mobile Gateway Server which allows IT pros to remotely control Windows computers from iOS and Android devices.

Dameware Remote Support is a secure self-hosted remote administration solution with unlimited reach. Download your free trial of Dameware Remote Support today.