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Small businesses can benefit from remote support capabilities just as much as larger enterprises do

  • There are several popular remote access solutions for small business. The most common remote access solutions are software programs with built-in access and communication capabilities for tech admins and remote users. These tools allow admins to access employee workstations remotely and allow users to reach in-office resources from remote devices. The admin or user is then able to access the desktop as if they were in front of it—they can view and use applications, mapped drives, and other resources. Remote access programs use secure encryption to protect in-transit data and authentication to ensure only the right users have access to specific devices. These remote access solutions are typically user-friendly and don’t require as much admin setup as other options.

    Another potential remote access solution is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs can be useful for workstation access for employees, but don’t provide the control most admins need for remote troubleshooting. A VPN allows an endpoint to access an office network through a secure, encrypted tunnel. It requires firewall configuration and the use of client software. A VPN uses encryption to protect company data as it passes through routers, gateways, and other parts of the transfer process. Using a VPN also requires authentication to ensure only approved remote users can access data. VPNs aren’t failsafe—bugs and other issues can potentially allow bad actors to access and read even encrypted traffic. A small business should consult an experienced admin to ensure necessary security measures are in place. Overall, more set up is required than when using a remote access program.

  • Remote access and remote support solutions work by providing an easy and secure way for admins to troubleshoot user devices regardless of location, and by allowing users to access remote workstations. Many employees and admins may need to work remotely, whether daily or intermittently. Further, even small businesses may have satellite or branch locations for employees. However, these employees still need to access local company resources, including servers, applications, files, and data storage. Clients or consultants may need to access these in-network resources as well, and small business tech admins need to be able to access, monitor, and troubleshoot employee devices, even when they’re off-site.

    Remote access software provides a straightforward solution to these common challenges. For most users, the priority is functionality. The best remote access solutions offer comprehensive remote access capabilities like easy file transfer and remote printing. However, high-level security is also critical for small and medium businesses, as in some cases, remote access and data transfer can put sensitive information at risk. It’s important to use remote access software with secure over-the-internet connections, typically with an internet proxy server or HTTP tunnel. The most reliable security measures include proven encryption methods and robust authentication options so only approved users can access specific workstations.

  • The ability to access and troubleshoot remote devices from any location is critical for any business wanting to save time and money, while offering employees flexibility.  

    For small businesses with work-from-home staff, secondary offices, or traveling employees, being able to reach workstations remotely can make a difference in productivity. Staff can access files and applications, while admins can offer troubleshooting services for devices both inside and outside the main office. With remote support or remote access, there’s less need for physical travel, which can quickly become expensive and much less efficient compared to using remote support software to perform tasks that would normally require in-person work.

    Small business remote support software is designed to offer features and ease of use for both employees and staff to establish remote connections. Of course, such connections need to be fast and secure, but the remote support platform itself should come equipped with specific functionalities. For instance, staff should be able to perform quick and easy file transfers as well as initiate remote printing. Users should be able to connect with powered-off or sleeping devices.

    Remote support software can also offer small businesses robust security features. Even small- and medium-sized businesses need to protect sensitive data, especially when it’s in transit. Remote support software can allow for secure over-the-internet connections without the use of insecure VPNs. Remote software should use top-notch encryption protocols like AES 256 and TLS1.2, along with FIPS-level configuration. The software should also help ensure compliance with common regulatory standards like HIPAA and GDPR. Additionally, users may be concerned about unauthorized access. With the right remote support software, small businesses can ensure all staff uses best practices for remote authentication, including two-factor login, integration with Active Directory, Smart Card integration, and multi-level permissions.

    Small businesses can also benefit from remote support software facilitating effective remote troubleshooting. Supporting remote users and workstations is one of the most common and critical tasks IT performs daily, and it’s important for small business remote support software to allow for fast and easy resolution. Remote support software should offer tools technicians need, including system health displays, scripting capabilities, in-app communication, keyboard translation, and more. Techs should be able to take control of any device as though they’re working on it directly—otherwise, their troubleshooting abilities may be too limited to offer quick resolutions end users need.

  • Remote support software for small business should offer enterprise-grade features at an affordable price. Dameware has a solution for any small businesses seeking a better remote access tool. Dameware provides secure, easy remote-control sessions without requiring the use of a virtual private network. The remote software establishes over-the-internet connections both inside and outside company firewalls, without the need for third-party hosting. This means technicians can reach end users around the globe with ease.

    Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) is a lightweight, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for small businesses. It’s designed to help admins achieve quick issue resolution on remote workstations or servers, whether they’re Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X machines. Techs can usually establish a connection to workstations in eight seconds or less—even with sleeping or powered-off devices. With advanced encryption protocols and two-factor authentication, using DRE can help ensure user data stays safe while in transit. DRE offers an annual or monthly cloud subscription capable of accommodating up to 500 endpoint agents per license—more than enough for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Dameware Remote Support (DRS) is an on-premises version ideal for small businesses preferring in-house software. It offers many of the same capabilities as DRE, including robust compliance, encryption, and authentication options. The program doesn’t offer certain features like pre-session chat, customizable surveys, and scripting capabilities. The licensing model is perpetual and allows for unlimited endpoint agents with mass deployment.

  • With Dameware Remote Everywhere, your small business can achieve fast and safe desktop connectivity to workstations inside and outside your corporate firewall. Dameware typically connects to workstations in less than eight seconds and enables you to avoid slowdowns because of powered-off or sleeping devices. DRE supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.

    Dameware provides time-saving tools needed by small business admins to perform effective remote troubleshooting. Within the dashboard, admins can quickly find basic system info and health, view event logs, and control applications, drivers, and more. They can leverage in-platform troubleshooting capabilities, including the ability to run local batch scripts, use Windows 8 and 10 commands, leverage CTRL-ALT-DEL, and even restart or shut down devices as needed.

    Need more control? Adjust screen color and quality, block an end user’s keyboard and mouse, or implement screen blanking for added security. Dameware also offers copy/paste and drag/drop file transfer, along with remote printing capabilities.

  • Dameware Remote Everywhere small business remote access solution supports advanced encryption protocols, including AES 256 to protect in-transit data. The program encrypts credentials and session information to ensure sensitive and personal data remain safe and unviewable. Dameware offers FIPS-compliant security configurations so you can set your software to exclusively FIPS-approved libraries and ciphers. DRE also offers multi-layer authentication via technician access permission settings and two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Dameware also supports two-factor authentication and multi-level permissions to ensure only the right people have remote access. It’s easy to set granular remote connection controls to give you the peace of mind that communications stay secure. Configure DRE so end users must grant access to establish remote connections. DRE is also built to provide multi-level permissions to help keep your data safe. The program has the option to lock machines after each session to help both technicians and users rest assured it won’t be accessible to the wrong people.

  • Small businesses need to be able to connect with end users traveling or working outside the business network. Dameware lets you simply send a remote connection link for the user to open and accept. No VPN is required to reach external devices. You can work over the internet to initiate attended or unattended remote troubleshooting. You can then quickly get the stats you need by viewing system info and device details within the Dameware dashboard.

    To ask the end user about the problem directly, connect with in-session chat. DRE allows pre-session chat, video session recording, and VoIP to make communication clear and efficient.

    Dameware also offers built-in remote control and desktop sharing across computers running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. Small business admins can control an end user’s desktop as if it were their own by taking advantage of ease-of-use features like automatic keyboard mapping. Using DRE, admins can easily switch between multiple monitors with a single click.

  • Dameware provides the reporting and review capabilities small businesses need to stay organized and prepared. The program offers compliance support for common regulatory standards like HIPAA and GDPR. SolarWinds DRE enables tech to dive deeper into their performance with reports, video session recording, and the ability to search and review session histories within reports, ensuring you can always look back to find the historical information you need to gauge whether past performance was effective. You can also share relevant information with colleagues or end users—it’s easy to email remote session reports, problem descriptions, and session notes.

  • Dameware Remote Everywhere offers extensive troubleshooting capabilities that facilitate in-depth, granular control over remote support operations. Easily access basic system information regarding OS, CPU, RAM, network, and disk space. Admins can leverage the DRE PowerShell advanced scripting engine and the script execution engine for easy one-to-many scripting and can run a local batch script (system shell session) for more efficient troubleshooting. Additionally, it’s possible to upload configuration files from mobile devices. DRE helps admins achieve the control and functionality they need from a remote support for small business solution.

Robust remote access solutions for small business

Dameware Remote Everywhere

  • Achieve fast, easy remote connections for a more flexible workflow.

  • Ensure remote access sessions stay secure, encrypted, and authorized.

  • Enable more effective troubleshooting with tools that give you granular control.

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