Linux Remote Desktop

Linux remote desktop software provides the cross-platform troubleshooting functions you need

  • OS compatibility

    Choose Dameware® for Linux remote control as well as Windows and Mac OS X compatibility.

  • Robust security

    Linux remote access demands business-grade authentication methods and high-level encryption.

  • Troubleshooting tools

    Helpful technician tools are built into the all-in-one remote Linux troubleshooting solution.

  • Utilities access

    See what you need within the remote tool dashboard—system tools, TCP utilities, and more.

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OS compatibility

OS compatibility

With Dameware Remote Support (DRS), you can remotely access Linux as well as Windows and Mac OS X systems for multi-platform remote troubleshooting. Want to connect to a Linux device from a Linux device? No problem! With cloud-based Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE), technicians can use Windows, Mac, or Linux to connect to a broad range of end-user devices.
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Robust security

Robust security

Achieve business-grade remote access security with Dameware Linux remote desktop solutions. In centralized deployment mode, DRS enables you to safely connect outside the corporate firewall using an internet proxy server, even without a VPN connection. Dameware supports several authentication methods, such as built-in proprietary or SmartCard logon, RDP, or VNC. The platform also gives you the option of encryption methods up to FIPS level.
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Troubleshooting tools

Troubleshooting tools

Dameware remote desktop software is built to allow you to connect remotely to Linux-based devices with the technician-friendly features you need to troubleshoot Linux issues. Start by viewing basic system health and info within the dashboard. Use the built-in troubleshooting tools like chat, ability to take screenshots, stream videos, record sessions, and transfer files to support better end-user communication and quality control.

Dameware is designed to help technicians provide exceptional unattended remote Linux support with the ability to reboot, start or stop processes, and more without having to initiate remote control sessions.

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Utilities access

Utilities access

Dameware remote desktop software solutions are designed so you can easily perform the troubleshooting steps needed to address remote Linux workstation issues. Get access to the system tools and TCP utilities you need for Linux performance troubleshooting, including ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, and FTP from within the remote tool dashboard.
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Without comprehensive Linux remote access, your troubleshooting
options are limited.

Linux remote desktop software for seamless troubleshooting

Dameware Remote Support

  • Compatible multi-platform remote access is a business necessity.

  • Streamline technicians’ workflows with feature-rich tools.

  • Access the in-depth diagnostics you need.

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What is Linux remote desktop software?
Linux-compatible remote desktop software lets you use or access a Linux OS remotely for fast troubleshooting.