Download Dameware Remote Support Software

Comprehensive Remote Support Software that allows System Administrators to perform many of their daily tasks from one software console. DRS includes:
  • Mini Remote Control: Remotely control Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers
  • Active Directory Tools: Manage AD objects from multiple Active Directory sites
  • Windows Administration: View event logs, stop processes & services, and monitor performance of remote Windows computers
  • Dameware Exporter: Export Windows configs and AD objects to CSV format
Award-winning Dameware Mini Remote Control for mixed-OS environments. Mini Remote Control packs many great features into one easy-to-use package: MRC includes:
  • Remote Control: Remotely control Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers
  • Support for Intel vPro: Access computers in crashed states or in sleep & hibernation modes
  • In-Session Chat: Communicate with end-users during troubleshooting sessions via chat client
  • Customizable Agents: Customize and deploy Dameware agents with special access rights

Patch Manager

Patch Manager zoom
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Centralized Patch Management Software for Microsoft environments. Manage and deploy Microsoft and 3rd party updates to Windows servers and workstations. DPM includes:
  • Centralized Update Management: Deploy Microsoft and 3rd party patches
  • Pre-Built & Tested Patch Availability: Download & deploy patches from vendors as soon as they are released to the public
  • Intuitive Web Interface: Control patch deployment and identify trends from the easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Patch Compliance Reporting: Receive up-to-the-minute reporting on patch deployment across your Windows environment
Affordable, web-based Help Desk Management Software. Manage service requests and IT assets from an intuitive web interface. WHD includes:
  • Service Request Management: Manage service requests through the entire lifecycle with email and alert-to-tickets, two-way communication, and auto-routing
  • Asset Discover & Management: Automatically discover all of the IT assets on your network and manage warranties and SLAs right from the WHD console
  • Knowledge Base & FAQ: Deploy FAQs for end-users and help desk technicians for quick resolution of frequently reported issues
  • Performance Reporting: Monitor the performance of your help desk with the WHD dashboard and ensure end-user satisfaction with automatic customer survey delivery
  • Parent-Child Ticketing: Utilize parent-child ticketing relationships to expedite trouble shooting

Central Server

Central Server zoom
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Centralized management and enhanced features for Dameware Remote Support users. Dameware Central Server includes:
  • Centralized User Management: Synchronize Dameware users with Active Directory and enable single sign on
  • Single Point License Management: Control and activate all Dameware licenses from one central location
  • Internet Proxy & Internet Sessions: Securely support end-users located outside of your firewall
  • Dameware Mobile: Access Windows computers on your network from iOS® and Android® devices

Help Desk Essentials

Help Desk Essentials zoom
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2-in-1 Solution for Help Desk Management & Remote IT Troubleshooting
  • Simplify help desk management from service request creation to resolution
  • Centralize & automate ticketing management and IT asset management
  • Accelerate IT support & troubleshooting with easy remote desktop access to Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS® X computers
  • Remotely manage Windows servers, workstations, & Active Directory domains
  • Monitor help desk performance & SLA fulfilment to improve customer satisfaction

Free Client Agents (Optional)

Use these optional MSIs to “preinstall” or upgrade the Dameware client agent on all your computers. (Otherwise Dameware agents will be installed/upgraded upon connect.)

Free Dameware Proxies (Optional)

Install this optional proxy to connect Dameware through a firewall without setting up a rule for each individual target machine. 
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