Active Directory (AD) management software

  1. Dameware Remote Support lets you add, delete, and update Active Directory (AD) Objects including Organizational Units (OUs), Containers, Users, and Groups. With Dameware Remote Support AD management tools, you can control multiple Active Directory domains from one console.

    • Add, delete, and update Active Directory users, groups, and OUs
    • Manage extended attributes such as photo, employee ID, and company logo
    • Manage multiple AD Domains from one console
    • Reset passwords for end-users
    • Bulk export of Active Directory Objects

Add, Remove and Update Active Directory Users

Managing AD users is one of the most common tasks of an Active Directory Management Tool. With Dameware Remote Support you can add users to Active Directory and give them access to all the resources they need to do their job. This includes creating their home folders, setting up a Microsoft® Exchange Mailbox, and even adding their picture. You can also delete users and reset passwords.

Manage Organizational Units (OUs) and Group Policies

Dameware Remote Support lets you add/delete users and computers from OUs. You can also update group polices from the Dameware Remote Support Console, ensuring your users and computers on your domain have the proper configurations and security settings.

Update Active Directory Extended Attributes

Dameware Remote Support enables you to manage Active Directory extended attributes such as picture, employee ID and company logo. Using one centralized console you can quickly make updates to all your Active Directory attributes including extended attributes.

AD Management Tools for multiple domains

Dameware Remote Support lets you manage multiple Active Directory Domains from one console. You can use "Favorite Domains" in the DamewWare Remote Support Console to quickly access and update AD attributes.

Automatically deploy the Active Directory Agent

To enable Active Directory Management the Dameware AD Agent is automatically deployed to Active Directory Controller. When you connect to the AD Controller for the first time you will be prompted to enter your credentials and install the agent. The whole process should be completed in a matter of minutes.

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