Active Directory (AD) tools simplifies
user exports, updates, and more

  1. Dameware Remote Support (DRS) provides a Active Directory tools that let you export information from servers, laptops and Active Directory Controllers. Using the Dameware Remote Support Exporter, you can understand how each computer is configured and what software is installed.

    • Inventory the software installed on each Windows® system
    • Export Active Directory® users
    • Bulk export of configuration settings for selected computers
    • Create custom exports based on WMI Properties
    • All information available in XML and CSV

Active Directory Export

Using the DRS remote administration tools, you can export any attribute for any Active Directory Object including exporting users. You can configure exactly which AD Objects to include giving you granular control over exactly what information is exported. All information is available in CSV and XML formats.

Windows Software Inventory

The remote administration tools included with DRS let you inventory the windows software installed on each computer. You can schedule an export to run on each system in your environment so you know exactly what software has been installed on each system. All information is available in CSV and XML formats.

Export Computer Configurations and Settings

DRS lets you mass export information from severs, laptops and notebooks. With the DRS remote administration tools you can export information about a single computer or a group of computers. You can include any information available in the WMI Properties. All information is available in CSV and XML formats.

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