Central Server and Administration Console

  1. Dameware Remote Support and Mini Remote Control can now be deployed with the Dameware Central Server (DCS) and Administration Console. Deploying the DCS lets you:

    • Synchronize Dameware users with Active Directory®
    • Centrally manage Dameware users and permissions
    • Control and activate all DRS and MRC licenses from one place
    • Create and share a Global Host List

Centralized User Management

From the Administration Console of the Dameware Central Server, IT pros can centrally manage all Dameware Remote Support (DRS) and Mini Remote Control (MRC) users.

  • Enable single sign on functionality and synchronize your Dameware user list with Active Directory synchronization
  • Assign MRC permissions to users who only need remote control access to computers behind your firewall
  • Assign DRS permissions to Dameware users who need to support end-users outside of the firewall, need access to computers inside the firewall from iOS® or Android® devices, or who require the additional Windows® Remote administration tools or Active Directory® management features built-in to DRS

License and Activation Management

The Administration Console gives IT departments the ability to manage and activate all of their Dameware licenses from one location. Some organizations choose to purchase both DRS and MRC licenses, especially those with large deployments. The DCS lets those organizations centrally manage and activate ALL of their Dameware licenses. This can cut down on the amount of time it takes to activate licenses, especially in large deployments spread out over multiple locations.

Shared Host Lists

Deploying the DCS lets you centrally manage and share a Global Host List. The Global Host List can speed the deployment of Dameware and streamline service delivery. The Global Host List can be modified to include sub-lists for easy categorization and access to computers across departments.

Dameware Central Server


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