Dameware NT Utilities is now Dameware Remote Support

  1. Dameware has renamed NT Utilities to Dameware Remote Support. Dameware Remote Support includes the same capabilities as NT Utilities, along with new features as well.

Remote system administration has never been easier!

If you’ve arrived at this page looking for NT Utilities, please continue reading about Dameware Remote Support – the new tool from Dameware that makes system administration easier than ever.

Provide anytime, anywhere remote support to all your end-users. Dameware Remote Support is a set of powerful system tools that allow you to remotely access and troubleshoot an unlimited number of systems.

Remote support highlights:

  • Remote control of Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS® X systems
  • Built-in tools for remote system monitoring, AD® management, network diagnostics, and more
  • Remote access to computers inside and outside the network firewall
  • Ability to deliver on-the-go, remote assistance from iOS® and Android™ mobile devices
  • Remote IT support software for unlimited end-users

NT Utilities

NT Utilities was a product from Dameware that has been renamed. To fill your remote support needs, Dameware has released a brand new remote support tool called Dameware Remote Support. NT Utilities was a comprehensive remote support tool for system admins that simplified remote troubleshooting and system administration from a centralized console.

All of the great NT Utilities features are available in Dameware Remote Support. Just like NT Utilities, Dameware Remote Support is a robust, enterprise-class remote IT administration and support software. Dameware Remote Support allows you to remotely control and manage end-user systems for faster troubleshooting. If you are looking for robust remote support like that provided by NT Utilities, try Dameware Remote Support.

Dameware Remote Support


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