Mobile remote desktop from your Android or iPhone

  1. Dameware Remote Support now includes Dameware Mobile, a mobile application that brings Dameware’s award-winning remote control features to your Android® and iOS® devices.

    • Access Windows® computers from Android or iOS devices
    • Support desktops, laptops & servers from anywhere
    • Share end-users’ screens during support sessions

Mobile Remote Desktop for Windows from Android and iOS Devices

Dameware Mobile lets you remotely control Windows computers from your Android device, iPhone or iPad via Dameware’s proprietary protocol. The remote control tool included in Dameware Mobile is the same desktop remote control mechanism used in the desktop versions of Dameware Remote Support and Mini Remote Control. This protocol provides a better support platform than simple RDP connections because it allows IT pros and end-users to share the desktop screen during remote support sessions.

Intuitive Mouse, Keyboard & Hotkey Controls for Mobile

Managing remote systems with Dameware’s mobile remote desktop software is made easy with its easy-to-use interface. Dameware Mobile’s virtual mouse allows users to double click on objects, files, and folders on the end-user’s system. The virtual mouse can also be used to right-click or drag-and-drop items. A keyboard complete with start, esc, and ctrl buttons can be accessed easily with one tap to the user interface. Dameware Mobile also includes hotkeys for opening a command prompt, Ctrl-Alt-Del, and zooming in or out to get a better view of the end-user’s desktop.

Convenient Access to Frequently Used Computers & Credentials

Dameware Mobile lets you add laptops, desktops, or servers to a Favorites list for quick and easy access to frequently used computers. Recently accessed computers can also be reached from a list of recent connections. Dameware Mobile allows you to save connection details including log-in credentials for each computer you access, making it easy to reconnect to computers you have accessed in the past.

Secure Remote Desktop from Android, iPhone or iPad

Dameware Remote Support v10 and above includes the Dameware Mobile Gateway service, which allows remote connections to Windows computers on your network from Android and iOS devices. The Dameware Mobile Gateway service can be configured on a server that is placed in a DMZ, internet-facing, or accessible through a VPN connection. Remote sessions initiated from mobile devices are controlled by the Mobile Gateway service, ensuring secure connections through a server that you control.

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