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Remotely manage and control Windows systems

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Remotely manage and control Windows systems

Dameware® Remote Support (DRS) is an easy-to-use remote administration tool that enables sysadmins and support technicians to provide IT support to remote systems—without initiating a full remote control session. You can perform remote administration tasks on Windows servers and workstations. With DRS, you have one management console with built-in remote administration tools for numerous administration tasks.

  • Manage Windows services and processes remotely
  • Remotely reboot crashed, powered-off, or sleeping computers
  • View and clear Windows event logs
  • Run network diagnostics on remote computers
  • Gain access to system properties, configuration, and installed software

Remote administration for Windows

Remote administration for Windows

The Dameware Remote Support software simplifies Windows administration by allowing you to perform administration and support tasks from a single remote console. Whether it’s a remote server on your network, or end-users needing remote assistance in any part of the world (inside or outside the network firewall), use the built-in system tools in Dameware Remote Support to provide immediate assistance.

  • Manage Windows services and processes: From the Dameware Remote Support console, you can remotely start and stop Windows services and processes. You can also start a remote command line console and run commands or scripts on the remote computer.
  • Troubleshoot using Windows Performance Monitor: With the Dameware Remote Support console, you have full access to remotely review Windows performance data to quickly find and troubleshoot performance problems. You have full access to Windows Perfmon data as if you were physically sitting at the computer.
  • Add Shares, Move Files, and Reformat Disk Drives: Using the Dameware Remote Support Console, you can copy/delete files, manage folders, and add/delete network shares. You can also view all information about the remote computer’s drives and reformat them right from the console.
  • View and clear events in the Windows Event Log: Viewing the Windows Event Log is often the first step in troubleshooting. With Dameware Remote Support, you can view the event log of remote computers right from the Dameware Remote Support Console. You can view the detailed message of each event and clear events as needed.
  • Support Sleeping Machines: The Intel vPro AMT capability lets you remotely “wake” computers from sleep or power saving mode so you can complete your administration tasks.
  • Run Custom Scripts with System Tools: Dameware Remote Support makes it easy for you to run your own scripts right from the Dameware Remote Support console. You can create a System Tool by specifying the command, the command line arguments, and the directory where it should run. Once complete, you can access the new system tool from the Dameware Remote Support menu bar.

Remote Active Directory administration

Remote Active Directory administration

Dameware Remote Support is a remote administration tool that enables you to remotely manage multiple Active Directory (AD) domains, groups, and users. You can remotely unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and edit group policies—all from a single management console.

Remote Active Directory Tasks

  • Unlock user accounts and reset passwords
  • Manage organizational units (OUs)
  • Update AD extended attributes such as photo, employee ID, and company logo
  • Add users to distribution or security groups
  • Edit group policies
  • Run Exchange tasks

Technicians can add, delete, and update AD objects including organizational units (OUs), users, and groups. Gain easy access to manage extended attributes such as photo, employee ID, and company logo.

You can also run Exchange tasks from the interface. To enable AD management, the Dameware agent for AD is automatically deployed to the AD controller. Benefit from complete control of your AD environment from a single remote administration console.