Remote desktop support software

  1. Dameware Remote Support lets you take control of the desktop of a remote computer. Using Dameware Remote Support, you can remotely support end-users as if you were standing over their shoulder.

    • Quickly connect and control the end-user’s desktop
    • Take one-click screenshots of the remote desktop
    • Chat with the end-user as you troubleshoot problems
    • Instantly transfer files to remote computers to fix problems
    • Remotely control Windows®, Mac OS® X and Linux® desktops

Remote Desktop Support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Computers

Managing AD users is one of the most common tasks of an Active Directory Management Tool. With Dameware Remote Support you can add users to Active Directory and give them access to all the resources they need to do their job. This includes creating their home folders, setting up a Microsoft® Exchange Mailbox, and even adding their picture. You can also delete users and reset passwords.

Chat With End-Users as You Troubleshoot

As you troubleshoot problems, you need to communicate with the end-user. You want to know what they did or what they are trying to do. With Dameware Remote Support, you can instantly chat with end-users allowing you to fix problems faster.

Take Screenshots of the Remote Desktop

A picture’s worth a thousand words and so is a screenshot. Taking screenshots of a remote desktop using CTRL-PrtScn is a painful laborious process. With Dameware Remote Support, you never have to do this. You can take screen shots of the remote desktop in one-click and save them to your computer in an instant.

Wake Sleeping Servers & Reboot Powered-Down Computers

Dameware Remote Support gives you a variety of options to connect to computers. You can configure the Dameware Client Agent to allow for unattended connections allowing you to fix problems while the end-user is away from his/her computer. You can use the Intel® vPro™ AMT technology to “wake up” a computer that is sleeping or in power saving mode, as well as reboot a machine that is powered down.

Control who has access to remote systems

Dameware Remote Support gives you granular control over who has access to remote computers. You can configure Dameware Remote Support so that the end-user must grant the system administrator access before allowing a remote connection. You can also use Active Directory Group Policies to control exactly who is allowed to remotely connect to a computer.

Installing the Dameware Client Agent

Dameware Remote Support uses an agent to establish the remote desktop sharing connection. The client agent can automatically be installed the first time you connect to the remote computer. You can also use the MSI builder to create a custom agent installation package. Once the MSI package is created, it can be installed using Group Policies or third-party software distribution platforms.

Agent Backward Compatibility

Dameware Remote Support v9 is backwards compatible with Dameware v7 and v8 client agents. With Dameware Remote Support v9, you can connect to computers that are running Dameware v7, v8 or v9 agents. With agent backward compatibility, you have more flexibility to decide when agents are upgraded.

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