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Perpetual license to your software

Perpetual license to your software

Dameware® Remote Support is priced based on a per technician licensing model with unlimited end-user remote machines support. The price per technician decreases as you add more licenses. Dameware also offers two modes of deployment—standalone and centralized deployment —without any additional cost, simplifying user management and over-the-internet remote support.

Strengthened security in remote desktop connections

Strengthened security in remote desktop connections

Dameware Remote Support offers two levels of authentication to strengthen security in remote desktop connections. It helps you authenticate computers using a Smart Card and a PIN, without the help of any third-party card reader or middleware. It also uses FIPS 140-2 level certified encryption modules and AES 256, 3DES/Triple DES, and RC4 algorithms to encrypt all credentials and other session negotiation information for remote connections.

Built-in remote Windows administration and AD management

Built-in remote Windows administration and AD management

With Dameware Remote Support, you can add, edit, delete, and manage AD objects including Organizational Units (OUs), Containers, Users, and Groups. You can also change group policies, manage extended user attributes, and reset end-user passwords from your Dameware console. Dameware offers a set of built-in system tools and TCP utilities to remotely manage Windows services and processes, reboot crashed computers, view and clear logs, run network diagnostics, and more. You can also gain direct access to system properties, configuration, and installed software without initiating a full remote control session.

Unlimited active remote sessions to end-user computers

Unlimited active remote sessions to end-user computers

LogMeIn Rescue allows you to handle only 10 active sessions from a single technician account at a time. Further, you have to use only LogMeIn protocols to initiate remote sessions to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. The Dameware remote support allows you to maintain unlimited simultaneous remote connections from a single technician account at any given point of time. It helps you initiate remote sessions using Dameware Mini Remote Control  (MRC), VNC, and RDP protocols from a single dashboard.

Dameware Remote Support is an industry favorite. Hands down.

“We use Dameware to remotely support global end-user computers. It is affordable on a per end-user basis and easy to deploy and [provides] great security. Our user base is accustomed to receiving hassle free support, especially while troubleshooting, and often ask IT to remote in to see their issue."

James Mauck
IT Leader
Power Products, LLC

Simplify remote support and IT administration

Dameware Remote Support

  • Sometimes getting to the root of an IT issue involves going right to the source.

  • IT issues know no bounds, so why should the ability to troubleshoot IT issues only be reserved for machines on the network?

  • IT admins have enough on their plates without having to make house calls for IT troubleshooting.

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