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Connecting remotely to Mac OS X systems is often limited to less-than-ideal solutions.

With Dameware Remote Support , you can:

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Remotely connect to Mac computers with VNC Viewer

Remotely connect to Mac computers with VNC Viewer

Connecting to a remote Mac system from a Windows OS can be complicated. The VNC Viewer in the Dameware Remote Support (DRS) software’s Remote Connect dialog makes it easy to connect from Windows OS to Mac OS X and send keyboard and mouse inputs remotely from one computer to the other. Use VNC Viewer to remotely control Mac computers, see exactly what is on the end-user’s screen, and provide the necessary troubleshooting and assistance. Dameware DRS stores the VNC credentials on a client-by-client basis, not by connection type, and ensures the stored credentials are valid for that client’s connection.
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Connect with Smart Card authentication

Connect with Smart Card authentication

Maintain a high level of security when accessing remote systems by logging into the local machine using a Smart Card and a PIN, and passing that information onto the remote machine. Dameware also provides Interactive Smart Card logins, enabling connection to a remote machine that is at the “lock screen” by using the Smart Card authentication and entering the PIN when prompted. Using Smart Card strengthens identity and authentication management, and enforces two-factor authentication in security sensitive environments like the U.S. Federal Government.
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Remotely Access and Support Mac OS X Systems

Dameware Remote Support software is designed to enable secure access to remote Mac clients for support and troubleshooting.

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Remote Access Software for Mac
Remote access software for Mac designed to support secure connections to remote Mac clients to provide end-user support, troubleshooting, and maintenance.