Remote control software competitor comparisons

Dameware offers two scalable and easy-to-use remote access and administration solutions: Dameware Mini Remote Control and Dameware Remote Support software. View the chart below to compare these remote software solutions and find which one is right for your organization.

Looking to compare our remote features against other support solutions? Learn more about Dameware as an alternative to LogMeIn.

Choose Which Remote
Administration Software
is Right for You

Mini Remote Control Starts at $265 Fully functional for 14 daysLearn more »
Remote Support Starts at $370 Fully functional for 14 daysLearn more »
Desktop Remote control for Windows®, Linux® & Mac OS® X
Intel® AMT KVM remote control
FIPS Compliant (Smart Card Authentication)
Centralized User and License Management
Single Sign On & AD Synchronization
Internet Sessions  
Dameware Mobile (Gateway Service & Mobile Client)  
Remote Windows Administration  
   • Start/stop/restart services  
   • View/clear event logs  
   • Manage disks and shares  
   • Start/stop/restart processes  
   • View system properties & monitor performance  
   • Manage local groups & users  
   • Edit registry settings  
Active Directory® Management  
   • Manage AD users, security groups & OUs  
   • Edit Group Policies  
Export Windows Configurations and AD objects  
   • Export AD objects and attributes to CSV format  
   • Create bulk software inventory reports  
   • Create bulk computer configuration reports